The Importance of Different Type of Diyas in Our Lives


Puja samagri plays a vital role in traditional rituals, be it an occasional event or something else. Learn more about types of diyas in this blog.

If you dive deep down in history, you will know about the rich cultures and traditions of Hindu. People here are very spiritual and deeply religious. They perform pujas and events with utmost devotion and dedication. It will be astonishing to see how a devotee goes through all the processes. It is necessary to have all the pooja things accurately. One of the very essential pooja items is diyas. You must have seen diyas in almost all of the events in your house. Diyas for pooja is extremely important and crucial. You can find them in any pooja stores. There are different types of diyas that you can use for poojas.

Whether it is a puja or an auspicious ritual- you need to sort out all the online puja samagri in a neat mannerYou can get them from any puja samagri store online in India. You can buy puja kits online from puja kits store. There are many puja items online store in India which makes it easy and convenient for people to do puja shopping online. However, do you know there are different types of diyas and they have different benefits as well? It is easy to get such pooja samagri online. The difference in these diyas are either they have different oil, bases, wicks, etc. Let us have a look at them.

Different Types of Oil Used:

  • People in northern India use mustard oil or ghee to remove the negativities and bring prosperity in life.
  • In the case of worshipping a family deity, devotees usually use a mixture of neem oil and ghee.
  • For Lord Vinayaka, we use coconut oil.
  • For Goddess Mahalaxmi, they use pure cow ghee.
  • Sesame oil is for Lord Mahavishnu.
  • To worship lord shiva, devotees use eluppai oil. 
  • For Goddess Parashakthi, a mixture of ghee, eluppai oil, castor oil, neem oil, coconut oil is the preference. 

The Benefits According to the Faces of Lighting Diya:

  • You will get medium blessings and benefits if the diya has one face.
  • One will get the blessing of a united Family when the diya has two faces.
  • You will get the good fortune of having children if your diya has three faces.
  • You will be endowed with cow, land, property etc if it is a four-faced diya.
  • There will be an increase in wealth, business and all other things if you light diya in a panch Deepak.

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