The Legend of the Elephant God – Ganesh

Hindus worship gods of every aspect of life .Ganesh is one of the primary ones they worship, He is the bringer of good luck and repels bad omens. So this new year, learn about the mythology of this famous deity and worship him in your home.

In the Hindu religion people worship every facet of human life. Be it learning or food or be it , we worship everybody. In the season of prosperity and new beginnings, hindu’s worship the goddess of prosperity and good luck, Ganesh. He is the lord of new beginnings and a remover of problems and obstacles, and due to these reasons he is a favourite all across India, irrespective of culture or beliefs. If you want to start your new year in an auspicious note, buy a lord ganesh murti online and place him in your puja place. He will surely bring you good luck and prosperity.

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Who is this Elephant Headed Fellow Anyway?

Ganesh is one of the most beloved and respected deities in the Hindu pantheon of gods, and he is very easily recognised outside India as well. But why is he so popular? What are the legends surrounding him? He is popularly considered to be the son of Parvati and Shiva. Although the Puranas disagree. They state that he may have been created by parvati or by Shiva or it might have been the case that Shiva and Parvati discovered him. One of the biggest legends surrounding him is the story of how he got his elephant head. It is said that goddess Parvati wanted to take a bath and created a boy to guard her bathroom door. When Shiva, husband to Parvati, returned from one of his royal battles he was denied entry by Ganesh. In a fit of unthinkable rage, Shiva hacked off the head of this boy with his sword. Parvati, was mortified and very upset. To appease his wife, Shiva sent away his minions to get the head of the first deceased animal they encounter. They brought back the head of an elephant and the boy was brought back to life. His enormous head represents his unmatched wisdom and him gaining knowledge through reflection.

The Writer of the Mahabharat

When rishi Ved Vyas was asked to write mahabharat, by Bramha, he needed a writer who could write the great epic fluently. He asked Ganesh if he would write for him and Ganesh agreed. He had one condition before agreeing. He said that Ved Vyas had to dictate the whole epic to him without a pause. The great rishi agreed but said that Ganesh must understand each word before taking it down. Ganesh gleefully accepted the challenge. Thus began the marathon of an epic storytelling. The legends say that during this endeavour of his, Ganesh broke his pen and to continue the writing without any interruptions, he broke of his tooth and wrote with that. Ganesh is remembered as the god of courage and sacrifice.

So if you are a pious person who wants to bring good luck and prosperity to your home, Curate a ganesh puja at your house. Buy puja samagri online and revel in the glory of the god who represents Wisdom and goodluck.


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