The Most Awaited Dawn of Summoning Divinity

Navratri puja kit

“Jago oooooo Tumi Jagoooo”

This is the song that wakes and makes the dawn of every Bengali on the day of Mahalaya. Mahalaya is the day when Devi Durga is believed to have descended on the earth to defeat all evil powers. All the Bengalis follow the ritual of listening Mahalaya at radio in the voice of very famous Sri. Birendra Krishna Bhadra who narrates the full story of Mahalaya by his thrilling voice. Without listening to this song, every Mahalaya is incomplete for the Bengalis.

Come let’s know in details about Mahalaya

Pitri Paksha: This is also known as Shola Shraddha or food offerings. Rendering to plentiful Puranas of Hindu, during this period shraddha, a performance the by son is compulsory to make sure their respective ancestor’s soul goes to heaven with peace. The Bengali term of this ritual is known as “Torpon”. This sacramental is performed mainly during the pre-dawn or at the dawn in the river Ganges. The son recalls his ancestors by appeasement and food offerings. Then they take holy dips in the Ganges. This act is also known as Pinda Dana. All these rituals are very important for Bengalis.

Devi Paksha: Devi Paksha means the Goddess Era. On this day Devi Durga comes to the earth. She comes seven days before the main puja takes place. In Hindu tradition, the New Moon to Full Moon of Bhadra (month), the long fifteen days period is identified as Devi Paksha. This period is considered by the Hindus to be the best time to do any sacred work.

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What Mythology Articulates

According to Purana, This day Lord Rama worshipped Devi Durga before leaving for Lanka to rescue his behalf Devi Sita from the demon Ravana. Durga Puja is used to accomplish in spring by King Suratha. Basanti Puja is another name of this occasion.

But Lord Rama worshipped Devi Durga in autumn. This is the reason this period is known as Akaal ‘Bodhan’ or Untimely Worshipping. This means she can be worshipped any time, with a pure heart and soul. Akaal Bodhan was named like this as Lord Rama worshipped Devi Durga at the time when all the God and goddess were awakened. On the last new moon day which is just before the Mahalaya, the Durga Protima is coloured specially the eyes are shaped which is done with lots of respect and adoration known as “Chakshu Daana”.

Mahalaya’s another Dimension

Another fact is also there to describe Mahalayan period. The legendary contributor of Mahabharata, Karna used to give out gold and wealth to the people of his empire and others as well. He was very kind and generous and also known as Data Karna.

After he died he went to heaven for his good deeds. It is said that Karna’s soul was starving and so he asked for some food to Yama, but he was served with many gold and silver. He was shocked and asked the reason behind this, and then Yama replied that Karna has helped many with gold and silver but never ever donated any one with food, not even to his ancestors. And then Yama got a solution and he was again sent back to the earth for long 14 days. There Karna nourished the poor people and also offered to his ancestors. After those 14 days, he again returned to heaven and was served with lots of food. And this was another story of Mahalaya.

May Mahalaya brings contentment and eliminate all the evil powers of our society. Let’s pray for a better life and a Happy Durga puja or Navratri ahead!

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