The Nine Day Festival of Navratri: All You Should Know


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Navratri is a nine-day festival celebrated in the honor of Goddess Durga and holds special significance in the Indian cultural sphere. In the easter states, Navratri coincides with the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja wherein the Devi battles and becomes victorious over the buffalo demon, Mahisasur. This proclaims the win of good over evil. Devotees pray to the mighty lady Goddess with premium puja kits, puja items, essential puja samagris to seek her divine blessings. 

1. Importance of Observing Fast on  Navratri:-

Navratri is majorly observed twice a year. It falls on the month of Chaitra and Ashwin. Devotees keep fast on all the nine days or sometimes only on the first and the last two days. Goddess Durga and her nine incarnations are true embodiments of power, compassion, glory, and wisdom. 

2. Fasting On the Nine Days Has Many Benefits. Some of these include:-

  • Devotees observe fast to appease Maa Durga so that she bestows her choices blessings on their families and loved ones. She is the epitome of love and prosperity, and everyone is a sucker of peace, joy, and happiness. If observing fast opens a way to honor the Almighty, then there is nothing like it.
  • Navratri fasting has a direct impact on the body and mind. It also positively affects your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Observing fast during this time balances your energy and helps you establish a divine relation with Goddess Durga. 
  • Fasting also symbolizes the willingness of a devotee to let go of materialistic and personal interests. A way to denounce the worldly pleasure to attain enlightenment in spirituality. 

3. Navratri Celebrations All Across the Country:-

The festival concentrates on special pujas, yagnas, homam, meditations, and fasting. It is also, always to accompanied by singing and dancing on devotional hymns in praise of divine power. The devotees worship her as the savior of mankind from ignorance and all forms of evil. The first days are about preparing and conducting the puja. While the last two days are more about enjoying the celebrations, visiting loved ones, having various sweets and delicacies. The Visarjan happens on the tenth day which marks the end of the festival. After the visarjan distribution of sweets among family members, neighbors and friends take place. 

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