The Popularity of Vishwakarma Puja: When Workmen Worship their Tools

Vishwakarma Puja

Viswakarma Puja is around the corner. If you are one of the artisans who is conducting puja, then you can book pandits online from a puja store near you.

This year on 16th September, celebrations regarding  Vishwakarma Puja in Delhi and other parts of India will see the light of the day. It is one of the most popular festivals and holds a huge prominence in the Eastern region of India.  All artisans and craftsmen worship Lord Vishwakarma, regarded as the divine architect of the Universe in Hinduism. This puja falls on the last day of the Bengali month Calendar, Bhadra and preparations start in full swing. The festival is also known as Bhadra or Kanya Sankranti. 

1. About Vishwakarma Puja:-

  • According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishwakarma is famous for building the city of Gods, and the Heaven where all our Gods and Goddesses reside. He is also the creator of all weapons used during the earlier days in the mythological age. He is the sole maker of the most sacred weapon of Lord Indra, ‘the Vajra’. 
  • Thus, all the architects and engineers worship him as the deity of their craft and trade. People from all works of craftsmanship from welders to mechanics worship him for invoking his blessings and enriching their craft. 
  • The puja was never an extravagant event but popular enough to find a place in every factory. In states like West Bengal and Orissa,  Vishwakarma Puja marks the beginning of the series of festivals lined up, the primary being the most famous Durga Puja. 
  • Young boys and teenagers flying kites is a common sight to behold during this day. 

2. Rituals to Perform On this Auspicious Day:-

Offices and workshops are the most commonplace of observing Vishwakarma Puja. Some common rituals that devotees follow are:

  • On the previous day, all workshop owners clean their space rigorously. They select a proper place in the office or factory to place the idols. For smaller workshops, most of them empty their entire space to use it for the puja. 
  • People also worship their vehicles on this day and hence washing them properly also falls on the cleaning spree. Oiling of the machines also forms a crucial step. 
  • The next morning, the placement of the  Lord’s idols is the first step in commencing the puja. The place is well decorated with flowers. You can buy essential puja samagris, puja kits through puja stores online. 
  • For conducting the puja, you will definitely need a qualified pandit who knows about the puja vidhis and rituals. He is the one who applies vermillion, tilak, and akshat on all tools. He then offers flowers and places a Kalash near the idols. 
  • Devotees then chant mantras, sprinkle flowers, and rice in the house and establishment. They bow down to the Lord and pray for the progress in their business. 

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