The Reason To Celebrate Hartalika Teej And Its Relevance!

Hartalika Teej

India is a land of vast diversities. Exactly like other celebrations, Hartalika Teej is a very popular festival here. Read this blog and discover more about it.

Hartalika Teej is a festival where married and unmarried women observe fast. Moreover, they seek the blessings of Goddess Parvati on this holy day. One of the most common activities women do is buy puja samagri online and get all decked up. 

Reasons To Celebrate Hartalika Teej 

  • While other festivities in India have a divine story, the reasons to celebrate Hartalika Teej are totally unique. The term “Hartalika” is a combination of two words. ‘Harat’ means abduction and ‘Aalika’, is another word for a female friend. 
  • As per spiritual leaders, Goddess Parvati was in a habit of performing tons of austerity along the banks of the river Ganga. It was to get Lord Shiva as her husband. But, being an ascetic, Lord Shiva had no idea about her. Further, Himalaya (Parvati’s father) was concerned about her condition. 
  • Later, he promises her marriage to Lord Vishnu at the suggestion of Maharishi Narad. Goddess Parvati has told this to her friend who later happens to abduct her to stop this marriage. After much devotion, Lord Shiva takes notice of her. He appears before her and also agrees to marry her. 
  • Ever since then, devotees worship Goddess Parvati as Hartalika. Moreover, Hartalika Teej is a day for remembering her penance and devotion to Lord Shiva. 

How To Celebrate Hartalika Teej At Home?

As said above, women observe fast on this special day as they seek a happy married life. While some ladies observe Falahar vrat (eating fruits and sweets only), some others believe in the Nirjala fasting (without water). On this day, you have to wake up early in the morning and wear new clothes and beautiful jewellery. 

Next, women assemble at a temple or garden for puja and form a semi-circle. They keep a spiritual frame of Goddess Parvati in the middle. Next, they start offering her premium puja samagri such as sweets, flowers, and fruits. You must keep a puja thali ready and your puja thali items must include all essentials of completing the fast. 

In this way, your Hartalika Vrat Pooja comes to an end. 


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