The Rituals of Skanda Sashti- Homage to Lord Kartikeya

Skanda Sasthi

Skanda Sashti is the time when you pay homage to the lord of war- Kartikeya and devotees usually observe fast with a puja thali. Read on to know more.

India is a land where the festivities never stops and the celebrations never end. Each and every festival-big or small comes with a million rituals to follow. You will find people celebrating something or the other almost every day. Same is the case for Skanda Sashti. The word “Skand” has many meanings and it can refer to terms like “ educated person”, “prince”, “attacker” or the “winner”. All of these appropriately describes Lord Kartikeya who is also known as the god of war. The commander of Gods led every war to victory in a courageous way.

The celebration of victory and the admonition of the devil Damon- Tarakasur is what people call Skanda Sashti. This day usually falls on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha. It is a famous Tamil festival and they celebrate it in the Tamil month of Aippasi. The devotees observe a fast and pray to the god with a puja thali. This puja thali has Indian pooja items that are necessarily required for the festival. One can shop premium pooja samagri from pooja samagri store online in India.

According to mythology, it is stated that only Lord Shiva’s kid can kill the atrocious Tarakasur. Lord Brahma gave this suggestion to put an end to the demon who made it impossible for Gods and humans to survive. The birth of Lord Skanda is an interesting story which you can find anywhere. However, with this incident, they created an army to defeat Tarakasur and Kartikeya led it. They successfully killed the demon, thus reviving the joy and peace of humanity. That is why people pay homage to this brave act with puja saman which one can get from puja samagri online store in India.

The Rituals that People Observe:-

The rules of this fast are the same as other fasts and different devotees observe different patterns to follow them. There are some basic rules that one needs to follow for this ritual. This is a 6-day festival and people generally follow the fast for these six days. Scientifically, this is a good opportunity to eat healthy and clean during this period. Make sure to get all the puja products online from Indian Puja Items Online Stores. You can also get pooja kits and arrange the products in a decorative thali online.

The basic rules and rituals that people follow her:-

  • Devotees should completely avoid non-vegetarian products including onions and garlic.
  • They should also read scriptures and recitations of Lord Murugan and chant the Kanta Shasti Kavasam or Subramaniya Bhujangam.
  • You can also pay a visit to the Skanda temples and do a special pooja.
  • The devotees can have only a single meal each day during this period which is either at night or noon.
  • It is best to eat only fruits and juices during this period.

These are the importance, significance and rituals of Skanda Sashti. You can get all your puja items from Pujashoppe which is your best stop for religious products.

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