The Significance of the Jitiya Vrat In the Hindu Culture

Jitiya Vrat

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The Jitiya or the Jivitputrika is a very holy fast observed by the mothers with great dedication and reverence. The aim is to pray for the long life of the children. This vrat is an important Hindu rite which people celebrate with Indian puja thali online. On this day, the devotees pray for the long lifespan of their near and dear ones and continue to do this until their wish gets fulfilled.

Every year, women observe this nirjala fast in the month of Ashwin on the Krishna Paksha Ashtami. The mothers celebrate this auspicious occasion from Saptami to Navami with online puja samagri and a lot of arrangements. All this is done for the well-being of small children.

Significance of this Vrat:-

According to the legendary Hindu puranic stories, the Jivitputrika Vrat has an interesting story behind it. In a jungle, an eagle and fox were friends who resided beside the Narmada river. One day they noticed many women performing the fast and doing the puja with pooja things. Both animals wished to observe the same fast. But the fox ate his food since he was unable to control his hunger. After a few days, the fox saw all his children die while the Eagle’s offspring continue to live healthy and long.

In another story, a king whose name was Jimutavahana gave his whole kingdom to his brothers and went to reside in the forest to serve his respected father. One day, he noticed an older woman mourning under the trees. When he asked her, she said that she was from the family of snakes and had a single son. However, her community members gave his son to Garuda to satisfy his hunger. King Jimutavahana promised to bring back her son. After a long altercation, Garuda gave her son back, after the bravery of the king pleased him. The king also saved the entire race of the snakes. Since then, people started believing and observing this fast with great affection so as to take care of their children. You can buy ingredients for this puja from the pooja items store in India.

The Jitiya Vrat Vidhi

Women celebrate this ritual for three days at a stretch after buying puja saman online. This continues from the seventh to the ninth lunar day of the Krishna Paksha. Women celebrate the first day – Nahai-Khai – with Premium Pooja Samagri. The mothers will consume food only after having a bath early in the morning. On this day, women also pay homage to the departed ancestors from the family.

The name of the second day is Khur Jitiya, and for this, people buy pooja items online. You will also know this by the name of Jivitputrika day. Women observe a strict fast on this occasion, completely without drinking water. The Jitiya is a red and yellow coloured thread which the fasting mothers wear on this day. The fast usually ends on the third day with a Parana. You can buy the puja products online at reasonable price offers.

Women prepare a variety of food items and delicacies on this occasion after buying premium puja kit. The devotees prepare the Jhor Bhaat or the Curry rice with passion in the kitchen. Alongside, one also makes Noni saag, Madua Roti and others especially and uniquely on this eve. In the states of Uttar Pradesh, Western Bihar, and Nepal, women prepare the Nooni ka saag with Parana, Maruwa roti along with a delicious vegetable stew or zucchini. Although this Vrata is very difficult, women remain cautious about maintaining this fast till the full time and without a single drop of water.The Jitiya Vrat Vidhi:-Women prepare a variety of food items and delicacies on this occasion after buying premium puja kit.

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