The Spiritual Ties Between Incense Sticks And Your Well Being

Incense sticks
Incense brings harmony to our space

Our religion is old and so is aromatherapy. Ancient art as well as science uses the subtle power of fragrance to re-establishing harmony and balance. This is why people are buying incense sticks online even amidst the pandemic terrors. It is believed to calm their soul when everything has become catastrophic. 

Lighting incenses date back to antiquity when the purifying nature of smoke was believed to carry prayers to the Almighty. In the Rig Veda, we can find the use of incense in the Yajna fire ritual. Ever since that, devotees include incense sticks in their puja thali items

Incense Sticks Purify Spaces And Relaxes Mind 

While the olfactory experience is cross-culturally familiar, the term incense denotes something that undergoes burning. It is available in various forms and people choose the one they prefer the most. Incense, today, comes in powdery forms, resins and even in the form of agarbattis. You can either shop it online or visit any puja items stores in India. As a matter of fact, the use of incense sticks is not limited to India.

A lot of foreign countries like Mexico and Central America are also adopting this culture. However, the type of incense we find in Indian households mostly has natural ingredients in them. People from different communities, especially Hinduism, believe that lighting an incense stick can actually purify your ambiance. The soothing fragrance of these sticks makes you realize to take a deep breath and relax. 

When Should You Burn Incense Sticks At Your Home?

Incense is not only for relaxing purposes, but also has an impact on your life. Starting your day with a positive note keeps your mood good for the entire time. The ideal time to burn an incense stick is right before you leave your house. Moreover, the entire day will be full of ample happiness and good news. Early mornings are the best time to indulge yourself in spirituality. 

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