The Vedic Traditions Influencing Our Puja Ways

The word ‘Vedas’, when we speak of, surrounds us with a certain weight of aura that is carried by it and subsequently the adjectives ‘great’ and ‘ancient’ follows. The magnificence of the vastness and the generalisation of social applications that the scriptures encompass are always a matter of amazement for us. Although its origin is veiled in ambiguity, the contents that they comprise are a source of clarity in various aspects of life, even today. We are hazed by the western impact in this age and have got our ethnicities blended with that of foreign culture. People have adapted themselves to technologies and comforts, the products of which claim to save time and energy. An example of this is, to do away with physical shopping people prefer to buy online Puja Samagri. The lives have changed but some values still remain intact.

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Getting Back to the Roots: However technologically advanced and machine lover the human race becomes, the affinity for the good old manual things always remain a desire in each heart’s corner. Similarly, when things do not go right, human beings have the tendency to find their roots. Talking of the roots, let us go back to our Vedas that speak knowledge. It is said that the basis of the writings that are present in the Books are oral transmissions from the Almighty to the sages. Whatever be the truth, the myth sounds really fascinating. And even more fascinating are the views that the sacred texts have to tell.

Very few among us actually must know anything about Veda, but whenever we are told about it, the sayings sound convincing. This is only due to the intimidation or reverence factor or an obsession with traditions. The devotion is something that needs to be expressed in an extravagant form in Hindus. That is why, although we have moved to the modern age, we utilise the modernity to access traditional items like online Puja Samagri.

The Vedic Philosophies: It is humanly not possible to summarise the texts here, even if a sentence or two is written on each topic. Therefore let us choose a topic that people generally relate the Vedas with predominantly – the religion and worship matters. Frankly speaking, even that would be a pretty elaborate, so filtering the worship matters of the two would be more effective.

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  • Veda and Prayers: As per the Vedic texts, prayers help in remembering the divine being and expressing to him the love that one nurtures. The God as per Veda, is omnipresent and the eternal truth, wherein as we are just here to perform certain actions as living beings that can harmonise us with Him. The prayers and worship are part of that. The recitation of the prayers is meant to regulate the minds while participating in assemblies. The submission of self to the Supreme is the real form of worship and prayers help us to achieve that through taking us to a Trance state.


  1. Veda and Yantra: The Yantra, according to the Vedas, are the medium for meditation and concentration. The placing of a definite Yantra in definite direction is said to have a divine effect. The diagrams or the designs are representations of the cosmic energy which are ignited with the chant of Mantras, producing sonic waves for sublimity.


  1. Veda and Murti: It is believed while a human is a structural form of an Atma, the creator is Parmatma or supreme soul. He is not visible and so it would be convenient to connect with Him, if he is taken as a living being. To be able to view Him, we need to elevate to the spiritual level and till then, his material form should content us. The Murti or idol is that material form.


  1. Veda and Puja Rituals: The rites and rituals which are followed do not only show devotion to the almighty, but also have some effects on the humans who practise them. The colours, fragrance, texture, sound, etc. of Puja Samgri are something that influences us to an extent. To make the sub-conscious mind extract the positives from the environment and society, it needs the grace derived through Puja. So now we know that if we buy online Puja Samagri, which are handpicked, the true purpose of Puja can be attained.
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