Things to Remember While Doing Vastu for Your Kid’s Room

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Vastu plays a very important role in the child’s room as it helps ensure the atmosphere contributed to your child’s mental as well as physical development. Bad Vastu can affect a child’s progress in every sphere of life and can turn into stubborn and brat child. Vastu when done rightly can transform your child into obedient and progressive.

What you should consider while doing Vastu for child’s room?

  • Color of the room
  • The direction and placement of the phone
  • The direction and placements of audio system, cooler, AC and TV
  • The direction and placement of the dressing table
  • The direction and placement of the almirah
  • The direction and placement of the study table
  • The direction and placement of the bed
  • The direction and placement of the windows
  • The direction and placement of the doors
  • Exact location of the bedroom

Benefits of doing Vastu for child’s room

  • Removes all negative energies
  • Good for health
  • Better concentration in studies
  • Good marks and results
  • Keeps them sharp and active
  • Better sleep at night
  • Keep them progressive
  • Make them optimistic for the future

Here are some things to remember while doing Vastu for your child’s room

  • Opt for green color as it is associated with peace and boost positive energy as well.
  • Install the doors of the room in the east direction, exactly opposite to the bed and windows should be opposite to that.
  • Don’t use any kind of spotlight or sharp light as it creates mental strain.
  • Keep laughing Buddha to create a jovial environment.
  • Use up-lighters and places in the southeast corner to help stimulate positivity in the room.
  • Keep the cabinets and almirahs in the south or west direction of the room.
  • Don’t keep anything in the center of the room. Keep it empty.
  • Children’s room should not be in front of a puja room.
  • Don’t let your child sleep in a direct exposure of the beam as it radiates the high tension flowing through it.
  • Don’t keep TV or computer directly opposite the bed as they also reflect a mirror and is bad for health.
  • Child should face east, north or northeast while studying, so position study desk accordingly.
  • Keep some distance between furniture and wall as it will help stimulate the flow of positive energy.
  • Your child has his/her head facing the south direction while sleeping, so keep the bed in the southwest corner.
  • Construct a children’s room in the west direction, however you can also opt for southeast, northeast and northwest direction.But, avoid the southwest direction at any cost.
  • Keep some vacant space on North and East side.
  • Avoid cluttering the study area to help them focus better on studies.

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