Top Vastu and Fengshui Tips to Bring Quick Good Luck to Your Life

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Everything around us is related to energy- positive energy and negative energy. Fengshui and Vastu teaches us how to balance energy for a healthy and happy life. Effective Fengshui is arranging your home in such a manner that bring positivity in you from inside. You can get lots of online Fengshui products and use them in organizing your home to get the results of this miraculous force. Vastu works with different energies including wind energy, light energy, magnetic energy, thermal energy, lunar energy and cosmic energy. If done effectively, there will be no place for any kind of stress in your home. Here are some Fengshui and Vastu tips to bring quick good luck to your home.

  • Place your office desk in such a way that you are able to see who is coming to your cabin. It will help you keep focus on the opportunities which are coming to your office and keep a track on it.
  • Cover the sink drain, install mirrors on the outsides of your bathroom doors and keep your bathroom closed to get rid of all financial problems.
  • Place your bed in such a way that you are able to see the door, it will help you keep calm and stronger in life.
  • Keep three or nine plants in your bedroom to enhance the positivity in your room.
  • Make sure that the main door of your house is in good condition and all hinges, knobs and locks are working properly. It will help you remain positive in life.
  • Keep the reading area in the main area of your home so that you can see it whenever you enter the house. It will help kindle learning in you and your family members.
  • There should be no obstruction in an entrance zone. Many people keep old newspapers, old bicycles, bikes or any other unused stuff near main entrance. It brings negative energy to home, so better avoid keeping them.
  • Get a fountain for your home it will help bring lots of cash to your home and solve all financial problems taking place in your life.
  • Do the Ganesh puja once a year to get the peace and happiness for your home and family members.
  • Place salt bowls in the corner of the bedroom, it will absorb all the negative energy and will bring positive energy to the home.
  • Use swastika symbol anywhere in the house. It is very auspicious and works as a good luck.
  • If corners of your house are unused, then you can place Ganga jal there to remove all the evil effects.
  • Get swastika, laughing Buddha, crystal cup and aquarium for your home if you don’t have time to organize complete home. You can also take from online Vastu products to find suitable products.
  • Don’t keep any mirror in the bedroom and cover it with a cloth if you have any mirror, especially while sleeping.
  • Don’t keep any medicines in the kitchen, it will bring health and happiness.
  • Ensure that all water taps are working fine and the water is not leaking anywhere. Wastage of water means wastage of money.
  • Keep a family picture in the living room, it will help increase love among family members.
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