Tuesday (Hanuman) Puja- Vidhi, Benefits and Vrat

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Tuesday is the day of Lord Hanuman and Hanuman puja is performed on this day. The puja can be remarkably effective when performed in early morning. This fast can be observed successfully to increase efforts, courage, strength and honor. People who have short-tempered and violent attitude can perform puja and fast on this day to get peace in their lives.

Things you would need for Hanuman Puja

Diya, agarbatti, any fruit, particularly banana, water, flowers, kumkum, red colored cloth and frame or Hanuman Murti or Lord Hanuman Yantra.

Hanuman puja vidhi

  • Clean the area where you want to perform puja
  • Offer prayers to Hanuman
  • Clean the Hanuman deity with water
  • Sprinkle some water on the area where you are performing puja followed by sprinkling on you
  • Place a Hanuman deity on the red cloth
  • Apply a kumkum paste on hanuman murti followed by you
  • Light the diya and incense
  • Offer flowers and bhog to Lord Hanuman

Things to remember while doing this puja

  • You should definitely take a head bath on this day
  • If possible place 108 Akshatha, 108 betel leaves, and 108 fruits during puja
  • Consume satvik food this day. Avoid non-veg at any cost
  • Offer 5 bananas to Lord Hanuman
  • While praying position Lord Hanuman in the North-East direction

Method to observe Tuesday fast

The fast should be observed continuously for 21 Tuesdays and a person performing this fast should wake up before sunrise. Take a bath and sprinkle Ganga jal all over the house including every corner. If possible, wear red colored cloth. Offer a puja in a procedure as mentioned above. After the puja, recite Hanuman chalisa and meditate for about 15 minutes requesting Lord to offer you his blessings. Consume a meal only once and preferable made of jaggery. In the evening, read chalisa once again and offer bhog to Lord before breaking the fast.

Aarti of Lord Hanuman

“Aarti Ki Jai Hanuman Lala Ki | Dushat Dalan Raghunath Kala Ki ||

Jake Bal Se Girivar Kaape | Rog- Dosh Jake Nikat Na Jhaankey ||
Anjani Putr Maha Baldayi | Santan K Prabhu Sada Sahayi ||
De Bira Raghunath Pathaye | Lanka Jari Siya Sudhi Laye ||
Lanka So Kot Samundra Si Khai | Jaat Pawansut Bar Na Layi ||
Lanka Jari Asur Sab Mare | Siyaram Ki K Kaaj Saware ||
Lankshaman Murchit Pade Sakare | Laaye SAnjivini Pran Ubare ||
Pethi Patal Tori Jamkare | Ahiravan Ki Bhuja Ukhare ||
Baayi Bhuja Asur Sanghare | Daayi Bhuja Sant Jan Tare ||
Sur Nar Muni Aarti Utare | Jaye Jaye Jaye Hanuman Uchare ||
Kanchan Thar Kapoor Loo Chayi | Aarti Kart Anjana Mayi ||
Jo Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti Gavey | Basi Baikunth Parmpad Pave ||
Lank Vidhvans Kiye Raghurayi | Tulsidas Prabhu Kirti Gayi ||”


  • Achieve strength and power
  • Increases wealth and remove all financial problems
  • Helps in getting your desired job
  • Fulfil your child wish
  • Removes all sins
  • Make your business successful
  • Boys can observe this fast to enhance wisdom and intelligence

You may also do hanuman puja on Saturday to get rid of Shani dosh.

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