How tying black thread on your wrist can protect you from evil things?

You must have seen many people wearing black thread on various parts of their body. It is not any other fashion statement, but instead considered as a sacred way of preventing bad things from taking place in our life. It is a common practice in our Hindu culture to wear this sacred thread on body parts such as ankles, waist, stomach and wrists.


You must have heard elder members of your family asking you to not wear black clothes on good occasions. It is said due to the fact that black clothes can turn positive things into negative things. But when it comes to protecting you from bad things, black color things play an essential role. Here we will be discussing the primary benefits of wearing this sacred thread on your wrist-

Protect you from evil eyes– In this social media world, everyone is aware what you are up to in your life and they might get jealous due to that. So, it is recommended to wear this thread to protect yourself from the evil eyes of such people. These people may also include your friends and family members.

Gives you good health– Wearing this sacred thread not just protect you from evil eyes, but also helps you in giving you a good health.

Makes you rich– Yes, you heard it right! Black thread not just keeps you away from bad things, but also helps you earn money and gives you prosperity in your career and business. Our body is made up of five aspects including earth, air, fire, water, and skin. Black sacred helps in keeping the balance of all of the above-mentioned aspects.

How to get rich instantly using this thread?

Buy a cotton thread from a market and take that thread to Hanuman Mandir on Tuesday. Make 9 knots in that thread and apply sindoor from the Hanuman deity to your thread. Place this thread at the door of your house to attract money and prosperity in your life.

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