Ulta Ratha – Where Goodbye Is Not Just About Melancholy

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The Ulta Ratha generally marks the conclusion of the Rath Yatra with the deities returning back to their respective abodes. After the completion of all the rituals during the stay of the supreme Lord along with Subhadra and Balaram in Gundicha, the celebration of the return festival begins exactly after nine days. This journey is termed as the Bahuda Yatra by the commoners and people across the globe as per the local language.

Importance of the Mausima Temple

The Mausima temple is where all the three chariots of the deities halt on their return to Puri. The Mausima temple is an architectural structure that was created as a token of respect to the aunt of Lord Jagannath.

One of the prime attraction of this day is the delicacy of the pithapoda that is offered to Lord Jagannath on this very day. This delicacy is prepared with a mixture of lentils, jaggery, coconut and rice. Devotees who come to seek the blessing on their way back are offered this delicacy as prasad. Offerings are offered to the deities in thalis that consist of all the necessary puja samagris that are required. The advent of several Puja Sringar Accessories Online Stores have made it easier for individuals to get hold of the required puja items that are needed for the completion of the rituals. You can also get hold of your favourite Bhagwanmukut Online to decorate the idols when required.

A parade of colours and togetherness

There is no denying the fact that a look at the streets during the Bahuda Yatra is a feast to the eyes of the onlookers. Commemorate on the Shukla Paksha, frenzied devotees and several groups come out on the streets and enact scenes from the life of Lord Krishna that are commonly termed as lilas. Girls decked up in pretty dresses dance to the tunes of kirtans and bhajans during the course of the journey.

Alike the beginning of the Ratha yatra, its end is celebrated with supreme luxury. It is as indispensable a part of the Ratha Yatra as its commencement. Unlike the stories that you get to hear regarding the beginning journey there is not much of a legendary touch bestowed on the Ulta Ratha ceremony. It is a pure form of celebration that is often celebrated in regions apart from Puri as per their own rituals.

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