Unknown Facts about the Famous Kanwar Yatra

Sawan, as known to all is the month of Lord Shiva. Devotees from all across the Indian subcontinent seek the blessings of the Lord by offering rituals and pujas all through the month. One of the most common ritual that is carried out in the month of sawan is the Kanwar Yatra. The option to buy an essential puja kit online has proved to be of great help in the celebration of rituals of this kind.

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Kanwars are primarily devotees of Lord Shiva, who are said to travel from several parts of Bihar and all over the country, to fetch gangajaal for the purpose of bathing Lord Shiva. It is in common belief that by doing so, the devotees get to please their worshipped deity and in turn seek blessings from him. This ritual has been followed for several years now. Alike all other rituals there are a number of rules and regulations pertaining the performing of the kanwar yatra that not many of you might have had an idea about.

Renunciation from all worldly things for a while

During the entire kanwar yatra, the devotees are supposed to stay away from all kinds of worldly articles, that include comb, soap and even oil. In fact, it is an essential thing that one kanwar cannot touch the other without cleansing himself with a proper bath.

Prohibition of alcohol and non- vegetarian food

Devotees observing the kanwar yatra are supposed to be free from the influence of any kind of alcoholic substance all through the ritual. The diet followed by them must be strictly vegetarian without the incorporation of any non-vegetarian item.

No usage of a charpai or bed

All through the yatra, devotees cannot make use of a bed or commonly known as charpai to relax. The entire yatra right up to the location of the Shivlinga, is completely carried out on foot without the use of any vehicle. One important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you strictly need to stay away from any sort of leather goods. This is one of the main reasons why devotees are often witnessed to walk barefooted.

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