Unraveling Christmas Facts Secrets: Double Excitement and Happiness

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We all know Christmas is the most popular festival across the globe. But what are the secrets? Before you run to the nearest puja store to buy gifts, know the secrets. 

The 25th of December marks the birth of Lord Jesus and from that time onwards this day finds a special spot in everyone’s heart. The best part of Christmas is, it is a secular affair and everyone celebrates it irrespective of caste, religion, creed, or color. People celebrate this day with immense joy, laughter, divine gifts amidst their loved ones. 

We all are aware of the various Christmas rituals starting from visiting the Church. Wishing each other, exchanging gifts, wearing the best dresses, going to special parties and occasions. But there are many hidden facts and secrets about this big day, that we all are unaware of. It is about time, that we unravel the mystery and spill out all the secrets and hidden facts. 

1. The Ritual of Setting Up A Christmas Tree:-

The practice of bringing a Christmas tree home and decorating it with beautiful and fancy artifacts dates back to ancient Egyptians and Romans. They used fir or pine trees, wreaths, and garlands to celebrate Christmas. Prior to this, there is a short story circulated among Germans. That justifies that after Saint-Boniface asked to cut down the great oak of Jupiter, a small fir tree came up in its place. From that time onwards, according to the story this tree publicly came to be known as the tree that symbolizes Christ. 

2. The Excitement Around Santa Claus:-

Here is the most popular story about our very own and most favorite Santa Claus. There was once a wealthy Bishop St. Nicholas who had a very big heart and always wanted to spread happiness among people. He had a special soft corner for children and would always present gifts to them. However, he wanted this little act of kindness to be a secret and thus delivered gifts at night. For this reason, parents specifically tell stories to their children about Santa who gives exciting gifts at night while everyone is asleep. 

3. The Reason Behind Red Themed Christmas:-

The color red symbolizes both the birth and death of Jesus Christ. Also from the earlier days, red was the color for love, care, and understanding. Jesus loved all his countrymen and imparted righteous knowledge required to become successful in life and also be at peace with oneself. Thus all these observations created an impact on people’s minds and hearts. As a result, red and gold became the colors for Christmas. 

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