Useful Vastu Tips for Dining Room

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Dining room is the most delightful place in the home. It is the place where all family members sit together and have food together. They talk about various things going on in their lives and basically the place entails the thinking, behaviour and way of living of family members. The place should be comfortable, spacious and inviting. To decorate it luxuriously, you can buy wall decors online and embellish the aura. Whether you want to keep your dining room modern, glamorous or traditional, but it is really important to have Vastu for your dining room. Vastu is the science of balancing the positive and negative energy. Vastu for dining room will make sure that the food you are eating will have a positive effect on your mind and body. The perfect location for the dining room as per Vastu guidelines should be in eastern or western sector of your home. Here are some other Vastu tips to follow for your dining room-

  • Hang a mirror in the north or east of dining table.
  • Opt for off-white, cream, yellow, orange or pink color for your dining room.
  • Place a refrigerator in the south-east corner of your house.
  • Always have kitchen and dining room on the same floor.
  • The doors of the dining room and main entrance should be opposite.
  • Make sure that there is a wall difference between your dining area and toilet.
  • You can opt for wash basin, but in the North West direction only.
  • Keep a drinking water facility in the north east direction
  • Don’t let any beam distract your dining area.
  • Keep some distance between your dining table and wall.
  • Keep the dining table toward the southwest corner of the room.
  • Decorate your dining room with beautiful portraits and paintings to make it look thriving. You can buy online hanging items and get your best fit.
  • Avoid installing puja room adjacent to dining room.
  • Avoid oval or circular shape for your dining table, instead opt for square or rectangular shape.
  • Avoid facing south direction while having your meals, it can cause misunderstanding with family members.
  • Don’t let children sit in the south-west corner of the dining table, it will bring negativity in their minds for their parents.
  • Head of the family should face east direction while dining.

Right direction for accessories-

  • West, north, east- doors
  • East or north side- windows
  • Southeast- TV, Radio or microwave
  • Southwest- console
  • Northwest- wash basin
  • Southeast- fridge
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