Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life

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Marriage is made in heaven and is a very special bond which is not just shared between couples but among family members as well. However, sometimes the marriage doesn’t remain a rosy affair even after you get married to the love of your life. In such cases, it is really important to consider Vastu tips, they can surely help you avoid many problems in your happy married life.

  • Avoid mirrors in a bedroom as it can cause unnecessary misunderstanding and quarrels. If you have to keep the mirror, then make sure that it is covered especially during the night.
  • Keep things in your bedroom that symbolizes love and relates to you and to your partner. For instance, heart shaped glass or any memorable photo frame.
  • Don’t keep any entity which is not in use in your bedroom as it can create monotony in your relationship. Try to keep everything clean, fresh and sparkling.
  • Don’t sleep in any direct alignment with sharp corners as sharp corners can create stress in the nervous system.
  • Don’t keep any religious picture in the bedroom as it can direct all your energy toward spiritualism, leaving little space for love.
  • Bring some scented candles to your room as they add natural fragrance to the room and add fire elements that is considered auspicious.
  • Keep only natural flowers in your bedroom instead of artificial flowers as it will help avoid any kind of artificiality in your relationship.
  • Opt for only wooden bed as wood is considered to emit heat energy while metal emits cold energy. So, it is strongly recommended to avoid wrought iron bed.
  • Make sure that there is not any beam which is crossing over your bed as it can be very negative for your relationship.
  • Sleep with your head toward the south and avoid colors like dark brown, black and cream. Instead, opt for orange, yellow, blue and pink.
  • Keep any photo of you two and place it in the eastern wall of your bedroom. This plays an essential role in augmenting the positivity in your relationship.
  • Don’t keep pickles, scissors and knife in your bedroom as they can create sourness in your relationship.
  • Avoid creating toilet in the southwest direction as it can cause differences in the relationship.
  • Don’t place a dressing table in the Southwest zone as it can create augmented wastage and can lead to infertility.
  • Create a bedroom in a rectangular or perfect square shape to ensure peace and love in life.
  • Decorate your bedroom with different crystals as it can help brighten up your relationship.
  • Avoid TV or computer in your bedroom as it can cause misunderstanding in the relationship. Switch off your cell phone before you sleep to avoid stress and tension in your relationship.
  • Don’t keep a picture of the live fountain in the bedroom as it can destroy married life encompassed with a loss in health and wealth.
  • Shut down the seat cover and door of the toilet when not in use.

These practices will certainly help in attracting positive energies toward your relationship. If you have any doubt related to Vastu for your home, then you can get in touch with our Vastu expert by calling at 9555966666.

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