Vastu Tips to Follow For Your Kitchen

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Vastu art is an ancient Indian science to balance energies in and around a place. The kitchen is an integral part of a home and entails heartily connection with a homemaker. It is considered as a place of transformation, where raw food is cooked into delicious meals and seals our starving. One wrong step during connexion and construction of the kitchen, it can stock a huge loss for a complete home. We bring you few Vastu tips to augment the advent of the kitchen, including the direction where the kitchen should be located, the direction of storage and refrigerator etc. We bring you some Vastu tips to help you out in making the best decisions for your kitchen.

  • Make sure that your kitchen doesn’t share a common wall with bathroom or toilet.
  • Don’t use the color black in your kitchen whether it is wall color, tiles color or door color. Go for vibrant colors like red, orange, green, brown and yellow.
  • For kitchen flooring, use mosaic, marbles, and ceramic tiles. They are resistant to any scratches, rainproof and durable.
  • Place drinking water vessel in the northeast direction, whether it is a pitcher, RO, filter and earthen pot.
  • Storage is an important part of any kitchen as they are required to keep storage for utensils, crockery and food grains. Avoid installing them on the east and north side walls. It should be installed on the western or southern walls in the kitchen.
  • Avoid placing any electronic appliances (heaters, microwaves, and ovens) in the north-east direction. Instead, place them in the south or southeast direction of the kitchen.
  • Window plays an important role in the kitchen for the enervation. Make sure they are constructed in the east direction in the kitchen. If you have installed ventilator, then it should be in the southern direction.
  • Avoid placing your refrigerator in the north-east direction. Rather, it should be placed in the southwest direction. Make sure it is kept at least a foot away from the corner.
  • As we all know fire and water are opposite elements and repel each other. So, place sinks and taps of your kitchen in the north-east direction and away from the cooking stove.
  • A person cooking food should face east direction only. So, the cooking gas should be placed in the southeast direction.
  • The southeast corner is considered best for the kitchen as the element of fire rules in this course. So, it would be perfect to place kitchen in the southeast corner. If it is not possible, then you can go to the northwest corner of the house.

You can invite many troubles by evading Vastu for your kitchen. Here is a list-

  1. Separation from partner
  2. Clashes within family
  3. Financial loss
  4. Loss in business
  5. Untimely death and prolonged illness

If you have any doubt related to Vastu for your kitchen, then you can get in touch with our Vastu expert by calling at 9555966666.

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