What Are The Benefits of Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja?

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

Pitri Dosh Nivaran puja can help you to overcome all the ill-effects of Pitri dosh. Read this blog to know in detail, about Pitra Dosh and how can you conduct puja with puja items online. 

Pitra Dosh, according to Vedic astrology, happens when the Sun and Moon are impacted by Rahu and Ketu. When Rahu and Ketu are associated with any planet and positioned in the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses, Pitra Dosh Yoga is created. The home of Father and Pitra is another name for this building. Lord Yamaraj frees all souls on the eve of Krishna Paksha in the Ashwani month so they can accept food and offerings from their offspring.

Pitra Dosh is primarily caused by a person’s bad Karma or by a person who does not fully adhere to the notion of Shradh. This is a very unlucky symbol for the Indian people and is not a good one.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja has a variety of effects, including:

• Issues with conceiving, recurrent miscarriages, etc.

• Native children struggle academically and run the risk of developing drug or alcohol addictions.

• The family’s children may experience mental and physical impairments.

• Unexpected accidents and family deaths.

• A variety of accidents, including robberies and fires, can also happen.

Why should someone perform Pitra Dosh Puja?

  1. If any forefathers up to the fourth generation on the mother’s side died young, Pitra Dosh is said to occur.
  2. This dosh also develops if a person in the seventh generation on the father’s side dies unnaturally or passes away very young.
  3. Respecting the parental wishes of the ancestors and performing nice deeds are also highly significant.
  4. If one does not accomplish this, the ancestors’ souls will never be able to rest in peace and will instead turn into Pitra Dosh.
  5. A person may be subject to the “Pitra Dosh” curse if they don’t perform pooja for their ancestors.

So, in order to prevent the Pitra Dosh from appearing in our horoscope, we must conduct the Shradh ritual carefully and from the bottom of our hearts. This will make our ancestors pleased and content with our thanks. All of the problems that could result from Pitra Dosh are resolved by this Pitra Dosh Nivaran puja and you can purchase all the premium puja samagri from online puja stores.

How to nullify the effects of Pitra Dosh?

  • Chanting Pitru Dosh Nivaran Mantra

|| Om Pitrabhyah devatabhyah mahayogibhyech cha, 

Namah sawaha swadhyaye cha nityamev namah ||

  • Inside the home, read the Gajendra Moksha chapter of Srimad Bhagwat.
  • On each Chaturdashi, pour milk on a peepal (one day before Amavasya and Poornima).
  • Make a donation to a temple or to Brahmins for the ancestors’ tranquilly.
  • Every Saturday, give large amounts of urad flour to black dogs.

Final Words

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