What Are The Rituals Of The Auspicious Gudi Padwa Festival?

Gudi Padwa

Want to know how to celebrate the Gudi Padwa occasion this year with divine puja samagris? We have given you a brief account of the festival here. 

Maharashtrians are the major followers of the Gudi Padwa festival in India, celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada based on the lunisolar calendar. This day marks the creation of the universe by Lord Brahma. The Gudi Padwa festival upholds the significance of the Maharashtrian New Year. According to traditions, the cycle of sixty years starts on this day. Colorful decorations like Rangoli, a special Gudi Padwa flag, garlands, and flowers are the major elements of decorations. This year, it falls on the 13th of April, and all the followers will celebrate it by worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma with divine gifts

1. Rituals of Gudi Padwa:

  • Early Morning Bath: As this festival marks the start of a New Year, hence it is mandatory to start the day with a complete oil bath early morning. Everyone in a family gets up early and after taking a bath dons a new outfit and prepares for the puja. 
  • Morning Prayer: Devotees light up the lamps, decorate with flower torans, make rangoli in front of the house entrance to welcome the New Year graciously. They indulge in puja shopping online to buy premium quality puja kits and puja thali items. Praying to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma is common in every Marathi household. One should also decorate the doorsteps with red flowers as it is one o the most auspicious colors. 
  • Hoisting the Gudi: Take a medium-length bamboo stick then tie a yellow, green, and saffron cloth to the tip of the stick. Take a copper or bronze pot that is brand new and place it upside down over the cloth. This Gudi should be hoisted at the doorway in a way such that everyone can see it prominently. 

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