What is Homam and What is the Significance of Performing It?

online puja itemsPeople buy different types of puja items online and from the market to perform different pujas and homams. Know what is it and its significance in this blog.

Sin is believed to be the basis of pain and suffering. Pujas and other rituals like homams are prescribed in Vedas for expiating sins and for acquiring virtue or merit. The significance of buying online puja items and from the market for performing all these rituals is the same that is seeking the blessings of the deities to fulfill the materialistic and the spiritual desires.

Just like the five components exists in the world’s cosmos, similarly, they also exist inside the bodies of human beings. They exist in two forms inside the body – as the Jatara-agni that is the digestive fire inside the physical body and the Bhoota agni that is the internal religious fire inside the subtle body. In most of the human bodies, bhoota agni is believed to burn low and the jatara-agni is believed to burn high. The yogies with their powerful religious practices, convert jatara-agni into the bhoota-agni. Since the bhoota-agni of a normal human being is believed to burn poorly, so he makes the use of external agni for invoking the Lord and receives the offerings from the fire. In return of this ritual, the deity fulfills the desires of the one who performs the homam.

Out of all the Hindu rituals and pujas, homam is the fastest mode to drive the grace of the deity. Some of the popular homams performed at most of the homes and temples include Chandi homam, Ganpathi homam, Pashupata homam, Sudarshana homam, Ayush homam, and Mrityunjaya homam. This fire yagna aids immensely in Nadi-shuddhi and to maintain good health condition of the family members. It is seen that the devotees often feel rejuvenated and cleansed after performing a homam. The gases coming out of the homa-kunda is believed to revitalize the environment to promote the well-being of all. The results are even witnessed today in places where rain drops from sky drench the ground immediately after performing the fire ritual known as homam. In the ancient times, homam was a very common practice of all households. Homams were even performed in the early days during the exile in forests. With time and with change in lifestyles of mankind, people began to start finding it difficult to make the arrangements to perform these rituals. But now, to some extent, the online religious stores made it easier to perform these at home with puja accessories like Premium Puja Kits, and other samagris.

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