What Is the Significance of Christmas In Hinduism? How Is It Celebrated?

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Enjoy, and spread happiness with unique gifts from puja stores online in India. Here is how Hindus celebrate Christmas & another special occasion at the same time.

Christmas is the most renowned festival worldwide and the first day of December always sets our mood for the approaching festive season. Christmas has solemnization among all the communities and religions and everyone comes together to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. One of the most common rituals during Christmas is sending and receiving divine gifts to mark this special day. 

1. Is Christmas Also for Hindus?

  • Do Hindus also celebrate Christmas? Is there any limitation in Hinduism about practicing or becoming a part of other religious occasions? All these questions have become quite common and many people are in search of definite answers. 
  • There are no restrictions among Hindus in celebrating Christmas. On the contrary, Hindus consider Jesus as the Prema Avatar as most of his stories and preachings are about finding the divine connection. Though we have various religions and each religion has its own protector, the Almighty never asked us to differentiate. According to religious gurus and spiritual coaches, there is only one supreme power that governs the entire universe. It is we who segregate and have reservations. If we look and understand the deeper meanings and focus on the religious texts we will understand that we all worship the same invisible force but with an individual name. 

2. How Do People Outside Christianity Celebrate Christmas? 

  • For most people, it is a secular affair, and they celebrate Christmas with much happiness and excitement. It is a national holiday on the 25th and therefore schools usually have programs and functions arranged for kids a day or two before the winter vacation starts. We know Santa Clause, one-act plays, carol singing along with decorating the Christmas form a huge part of Christmas. 
  • Apart from this Hindus also indulge in Pancha Ganapati Celebration which is a 5-day long festival. The celebrations begin on 21st and include outings, feasts,  buying puja samagri online from the nearest puja saman stores, organizing feasts. 
  • Families put up statues and idols of Lord Ganesh Ji and decorate their home with durva grass, spangle, blinking lights, and flowers. Children take up a huge interest in dressing the idol in different colored clothes for each day of the occasion. 

3. These 5 Colors Are:-

  • Yellow: This color stands for love and harmony which ensures a strong relationship among all members of the family and even among friends. 
  • Blue: This symbolizes the need to restore peace and happiness in everyone’s life. The color reminds us to stay in a fulfilling relationship with everyone around us. 
  • Red: The color reminds us to strengthen the bond of prosperity, trust, and positivity. Among all professional associates, clients, and employees. 
  • Green: It stands for joy, merrymaking, enjoyment, and fun. 
  • Orange: Also, this color upholds the idea of spiritualism and charity. 

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