What Is the Spiritual Importance of Brass Items In Pujas?

Each one of the brass pooja items like Kalash, the puja thali, Diya or the lamp, and conch are spiritually important. Here’s all about these brass items.

The pooja items used for worshipping the Gods and Goddesses are the outstanding mediums that help in transporting shagun waves of the deities to the devotees. In this blog, the spiritual importance of some of the brass pooja items is explained.

Kalash or the Metal Pot Made Up of Brass: –

During the Samudra Manthan or the great churning of the ocean, Lord Vishnu carried the metal pot or the Kalash with amrut in it. Amrut is the holy nectar of the eternal life. It is believed that all the Gods and Goddesses and their powers are there in the Kalash. Hence, it is always an important samagri of every Hindu ritual. The peculiar shape of a Kalash makes a unique and subtle sound in its void. The vibrations that result from this subtle sound attracts Lord Shiva’s principle.

Brass Puja Thali: –

A puja thali is used in every puja. Some of the important pooja items are like haldi, kumkum, flowers, etc are arranged in this thali in every ritual. Brass puja thalis with a Swastika symbol are considered to be more auspicious.

The Brass Bell: –

The peculiar shape of a bell and the clapper of a bell attract earth waves that accumulate in the unique shape of the bell. When a bell is rung during or after a puja, the accumulated waves from the surrounding atmosphere start vibrating and the sound that results from it is associated with the Lord Shiva principle. In Hinduism, it is believed that a bell helps to purify the surrounding and the earth’s surface. This is the reason why a brass bell and ringing it is so important in a Hindu ritual or puja. The sound produced by this pooja things actually purifies the environment around the devotees thus making it conducive and sattvik for religious practices. This enables the devotees to absorb the maximum amount of sattvik waves that are emitted by the Gods and the Goddesses.

The Brass Conch: –

The conch is blown to emit the holy sound prior to commencing the aarti and the puja. Generally, the conch that is used for this purpose is a left-sided brass conch. In a puja, the conch is worshipped after the Kalash puja. Sandalwood paste and kumkum is applied on a conch along with offering tulsi leaves and flowers. After that, the worshipper uses a flower to sprinkle gangajal or the holy water from the conch on everyone present there. This water from the conch is believed to be extremely pure and powerful that can wash off every sin. This water is also used for doing the abhishekam of the deities. It is also believed that the sound that is emitted when a conch is blown destroys different diseases and germs.

The Brass Lamps or Diyas: –

The flame of the lamp or the Diya represents Atma Jyoti. The five-petalled Diyas or lamps made up of brass displays the relationship between the Atma Jyoti and the Panchapran. The earnest prayers that are made through the Panchapran are known as the Pancharati.

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