What you Need to Complete Saraswati Puja with Perfection?

Saraswati Puja itemsDifferent puja items are needed for different pujas and rituals. Here is the list of all the items you need for performing Saraswati puja with perfection.

Vasant Panchami or Saraswati puja generally takes place in the end of January or any time in the month of February. Different types of puja items are needed to perform the puja perfectly especially if there are students in the family. She is the Goddess of wisdom and intellect. So if you have kids who study in schools and colleges in the family, it is mandatory to worship Goddess Saraswati.

Here’s the Checklist of the Puja Samagris You will Need:-

  • Mangifera or aam ke patte or mango leaves
  • Mat or aasan made from wool
  • Incense sticks or agarbatti
  • Rice or chawal or akshata or what is known as orziya sativa
  • Scented orange powder or ashwagandha
  • Scent or attar
  • Puja thali or the plate
  • Sandalwood or chandan
  • Diyas or lamps or dipak
  • Cotton wicks in order to light the lamps or the diyas
  • Fruits like banana, mango, papaya, or any fruits that are yellow in color preferably
  • Holy water of river Ganga or what is commonly known as the Gangajal
  • Bell or the ghanta
  • Clarified butter or ghee
  • Jaggery
  • Turmeric powder or haldi or curcuma longa
  • The vessel for holding water or the kalash
  • Lotus flower or kamal or nelumbo nucifera
  • Camphor or Korpur or the Cinnamomum Camphora
  • Some strands of kesar or saffron
  • Vermillion powder or kumkum or the red holy powder
  • A few matchsticks or a complete matchbox
  • Sweets or mithai like kesar ka halwa, or any other yellow-colored sweets
  • Idol of the Goddess that you will get from the online store from where you have thought of buying the puja samagris online
  • Coconut
  • Pancamrit or the holy water for sprinkling as a blessing
  • Flowers to offer the Goddess. In this case too, yellow flowers are more preferable like marigold.
  • Flower garland that too of yellow flowers like marigold again
  • Bowl to serve the prasad
  • Red cloth piece
  • Holy threads
  • Shankh or the conch
  • Betel nuts or supari
  • Betel leaves

Now, these are the items that you will need for this puja. If you consult an experienced pandit, more or less he too will give you the list of these items for the puja. So, make a note of these names and perform the puja with faith and perfection in your home this year.

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