Why And How Should You Do Satyanarayan Pooja At Home?


Get ready to book pandit online for satyanarayan puja this year because it is an auspicious one. Read this blog to know how you should conduct this Pooja at home.

Lord Satyanarayan is one of the most popular incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Hindu devotees all around the world worship him with complete devotion. Many people conduct Satyanarayan Pooja at home. As a result, they book pandits for satyanarayan puja in Delhi

The Divine History Of Satyanarayan Pooja

Commonly known as Satyanarayan Vrata, this Pooja is among the highly auspicious religious observance in Hinduism. Devotees perform this ritual on several major occasions like marriage, childbirth, and even during housewarming. Moreover, you can perform this devotional observance at home, regardless of the day. All you need is puja thali items and a good, experienced pandit. In the Hindu Skanda Purana, it is the initial ritual. Additionally, this Puja is generally done on Purnima or Full Moon day. 

In various parts of the country, devotees celebrate the Satyanarayan Pooja like Bengal, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. Maharashtrians observe this ritual at Ekadashi or Chaturthi. Worshippers bring home his spiritual frame of his and offer him a lot of things. Moreover, the Pooja has particular importance for the Chitpavan community in Maharashtra. On the other hand, people in West Bengal perform this ritual right before entering a new house. 

How To Do Satyanarayan Pooja At Home?

The Satyanarayana Pooja begins by worshipping Lord Ganesha for successfully removing all obstacles from the puja. Then, the actual Satyanarayan Pooja begins. They buy all satyanarayan puja samagri online and get all set days before the occasion. Devotees can start chanting the names of this Lord by offering various Prasads like fruits, sweets, etc. 

Next, all devotees who participate in the puja must listen to the story of this divine deity. This story tells about the origin as well as the involvement of the ritual. It is important that you clean both your body and soul for attending this celestial Pooja. You can also show your creativity by preparing a mandala and placing the idol on top of it. 

Bring home all premium puja samagri and recite all the 271 verses of this divine Katha. Don’t forget to fast from morning till Prasadam.


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