Why Is Surya Arghya Important? How Should You Conduct Surya Puja?

Surya Arghya

Do you know offering Arghya to the Lord has huge benefits? Performing Surya Arghya with puja kits can prove to be beneficial for you and your loved ones. 

The Sun is one of the most powerful Gods in Hinduism who is the universal creator. He is the centre of intellectual wisdom, vision, discrimination, self-realization, light, and life to the world. Apart from the Hindus, there are other devotees of the  Sun God from different communities and religions. They also pray to the Sun God with divine puja items and offer him their devotion. 

In Hindu Mythology, according to spiritual leaders, the devotional praises, and hymns depict the Sun God as the one riding a chariot driven by 7 horses. Each of the horses represents the seven Human body Chakras and rainbow colors. He often carries Lotus, Chakra, and Gada which are the symbols of life. He is the sole giver of energy, has healing powers and incredible energy to nurture life on earth. Moreover, Surya in Hinduism is an eye of the Virata Purusha (The universal form or Supreme Being). So, the common belief is without his presence, life would cease to exist and the earth can go into complete darkness. 

1. How To Worship The Sun God And What Are The Benefits?

Some steps that you should follow  for performing Surya Puja:

  • It is always good to start  the puja by taking a bath and changing into clean clothes
  • Face the East direction while performing puja
  • A drop of Gangajal should be sprinkled on the devotee  to purify oneself
  • Praying to Lord Ganesha before Surya puja is mandatory
  • The best time to offer water to Surya is within an hour of Sunrise.
  • Try to look at the Sun and pour  water to the ground and chant the Surya mantra 
  • Apply tilak uttering the Surya name by using chandan and kumkum
  • You can also meditate for a while after your puja is complete

2. Benefits Of Worshipping Surya God:

There are many advantages of worshipping Surya every morning. The benefits include:

  • It is helpful in boosting energy and revitalizing  the devotee 
  • Online puja services that cater to Surya puja will bring about positivity and prosperity
  • Surya Dev’s blessings will help you  gain confidence and trust in your abilities
  • It eliminates the negative effects of Grah Dosh
  • With the power of Surya prayers, you can get rid of all your health troubles

3. The Spiritual Significance Of Surya Arghyam:

The Garuda Purana says that 30 crore demons or Mandehas are orbiting the Sun. According to beliefs, these demons try to swallow the Sun at dawn and dusk. When we offer water to Surya Dev, it becomes a thunderbolt that overpowers the demons and banishes them completely. Thus, it is a way to get rid of negativities and it brings mental peace and physical well-being. 

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