Why Mool Shanti Puja is Essential for A Peaceful and Successful Life?

Mool Shanti Puja

Appease the divine forces of the nakshatras by Mool Shanti puja. Restore peace and happiness in your journey of life by discarding all the negativities and evil forces.

The Gand Mool Shanti puja is to eliminate the damaging of Gand Mool Nakshatra that occurs during the birth of a single. There are twenty-seven nakshatras or constellations in Vedic astrology. According to experts & astrology pandits. The 27 constellations play an eminent role in understanding the celestial influences on our birth charts rather than the 12 zodiac signs. 

When there is a beginning of a new life, the birth of a person under the influence of a particular Nakshatra, he suffers from Mool Dosha. The main benefit of mool Shanti puja is it negates the harmfulness of Mool-Dosha. Thus, this puja aims at removing all the difficulties, hardships, and despair arising due to the presence of inappropriate Nakshatras during birth. Usually, after the birth of a new life, such auspiciousness vanishes after a period of 27 days. But if due to any reason or certain unavoidable circumstances, the ill-effects do not subside, it is important you observe this Mool Shanti puja. 

1. How is Mool Shanti Puja Performed?

The Mool Shanti Puja is a detailed process and requires adequate knowledge of the puja vidhi. According to the expert acharyas & pandits, at first, the time and date of the devotee on whose name the puja is going to be performed get selected. Actually, this puja should be kept on the birthday of the devotee as per Hindu rituals of tithis and not following the western calendar. 

2. There Are Two Different Types of Mool Shanti Puja:-

Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja:-

There are certain specific rituals and items that this puja demands. The major rituals include Ganapati puja, Varun puja, Sankalpa, Kuldevi puja. 27 Nakshatra puja, Havan rituals, & tilak ritual followed by prasad distribution. Important puja samagris without which the puja cannot commence are  27 types of well water. 27 types of food grains, 27 cloth pieces, 27 types of Jadi Booti, flowers, and pious leaves. You can do pooja samagri online shopping from online platforms.

Gand Mool Nakshatra Puja with Chanting of Divine Mantras:-

This puja needs the presence of 5 pandits and the time of puja is 5 hours. At first, the priests perform the Shanti puja along with Jaap which is then followed by Havan rituals. Chanting verses from religious texts help in creating a positive atmosphere. 

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