Win Back Your Lost Love with This Puja and Mantra


We all go through a phase in life where we feel ignored by the most special person. Being ignored by a loved one could be depressing for anyone and reason could be anything from his/her career taking too much time or an entry of another person in his/her life. Everybody yearn for a happy ending right from the beginning of a relationship, but things can go unexpected. Need of a love and suitable partner to share the joy of life is natural. If you are ready to forget bad things that halted your relationship and thinking to give your relationship another chance, then here is a useful puja to get back your lost love.

Lord Shiva strongly represents love and is the most preferred deity among people looking to find a suitable match. He is very kind to his devotees and deemed as BholeNath for the same reason. Perform Shiva puja to get your lost love back, followed by reciting the mantra 10000 times for 11 days to get effective results. This puja is also effective if your love life is not going smoothly or your parents are against your love marriage.

Procedure of puja

  • Select the PratipadaTithi for the puja. It is the first day after no moon.
  • Take a bath and wear clean cloth.
  • Place the Shiva deity on a clean cloth.
  • Offer flowers to Lord Shiva and apply tika after that.
  • Offer fruits and Prasad, especially made for the puja to Lord Shiva.
  • Chant the mantra for 10000 times in 11 days to get the successful results.
  • Meditate for about 15 minutes every day after puja requesting God to fulfil your wish.
  • Once you complete reciting this mantra for 10000 times, you will have to recite this mantra 108 times every day until you get your partner back.

Mantra to chant

“ॐवज्रकरणशिवेरुधरुधभवेममाईअमृतकुरुकुरुस्वाहा ||”

Benefits of this puja

  • Get your love back.
  • Augments your chances of love marriage.
  • Get consent from parents.
  • Remove all differences with your partner.
  • Remove any kind of black magic from your life.

If you don’t have time to do this puja every day and chant mantra for 10000 times, you can organize a one day puja with the help of Pandit from PujaShoppe. He will complete all the rituals in that one puja only and you will be able to get effective results soon. Book your puja and Pandit now from PujaShoppe and get back your lost love.

This puja depends upon many factors and cannot be conjoint for everyone. So, we request you to provide us the following details for the Puja:

  1. Full name of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed,
  2. Father’s name,
  3. Date of birth,
  4. Place of birth,
  5. Country of birth,
  6. Time of birth,
  7. Gautra if known,
  8. Any additional information person wants to give.

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