Worshipping Lord Shani: Is It Right To Conduct The Puja At Home?

Lord Shani

Devotees take special care to arrange all the important puja items for worshipping Lord Shani. Know why it is not advisable to worship Shani Dev at your home.

In Hindu mythology, Shani or Saturn is the most dreaded planet by astrologers. Lord Shani is one of the most prominent Gods who was born to Surya Dev and Goddess Chaya. He is the elder brother of Yama, the Hindu God of death. There are many stories that shed light on Lord Shani’s anger and how it is difficult to escape his wrath. Astrologers on the other hand feel that if planet Saturn obstructs your path in the birth chart, it is difficult to gain good results. However, devotees of the Lord pray to him with a heart indebted in devotion and after arranging all the puja items and samagris. 

1. Facts About Shani Dev:

  • It is a common belief that Shani Dev analyzes everyone’s good and bad deeds accurately. Later he either rewards or punishes them depending on their Karma. In Vedic astrology, the planetary position at the time of the birth of a person gives us an understanding of the future. If anyone is born under the influence of planet Shani, it is bad luck or an omen as per beliefs. 
  • In the legends, Lord Shani is riding a chariot carrying a bow and arrow and pulled by a vulture. He is usually associated with the color blue and has blue cloth, blue flowers, and sapphire. 
  • Though there are a number of negative and fearful stories about Lord Shani, the truth is he is a teacher of life. He shows you your life plain and simple without adding any special element. He wants you to focus on your present and not contemplate your past or future. 

2. Is It Correct To Worship Lord Shani At Home?

  • The simple answer is NO according to most religious gurus. However, you can visit a Shani temple with puja thali items from a reputable puja saman store. If you want to worship him at home, you can but without keeping his idol or image. 
  • You should observe a strict fast, offer blue flowers, and prepare a bhog when you are praying to Lord Shani at a temple. Also chant the most important Shani Dev Shloka whole-heartedly. You can offer black til seeds, black muslin cloth, castor oil, black channa, and iron nails. Also after the puja ends, you should distribute the prasad among everyone and also the poor. Following the path of spiritual righteousness is of supreme importance. 

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