Worshipping the Architect of the Gods – Lord Vishwakarma


“Om shree shrishtinathaya sarvasidhhaya vishwakarmaya namo namah”

The Vishwakarma Puja, a day dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishwakarma, commonly known as the “Architect of the Gods”, commences with the chanting of the above mantras. Going by the calendar, the festival is celebrated every year on the 17th of September. Mostly celebrated in professional institutions and factories, the arrival of web portals have added on to the convenience of carrying out the required rituals. You can always purchase a vishwakarma puja kit online and avail all the required puja accessories with having to step outdoors.

The advent of Lord Vishwakarma dates back to the mythological stories of the great Samudra Manthan that was carried out between the Gods and the demons to extract the divine elixir. He is said to be one of the fourteen things that were extracted from underneath the sea.

Significance of the Vishwakarma puja for the working class

Speaking of the innumerable pujas and rituals that are carried out in the Indian subcontinent, the Vishwakarma puja poses to be one of the most vital one for the working class especially traders and people working in factories. He is one worshipped as the benefactor of weavers, mechanics, craftsmen, engineers and several others. It is primarily due to this that people do not make use of any form of machineries on this auspicious day.

Devotees from a number of states primarily that of Assam, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, , Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand and Tripura celebrate the festival with great fervour and enthusiasm every year. Being the creator of the Universe, the Lord does capture as much attention as possible. Taking a few basic hints from the ancient Puranas, we come to know that Vishwakarma is known to the forebearer of the heavenly, celestial as well as the mortal realms.

Pirme attraction of the day

One of the prime attractions of the day is the magnificent kite flying competitions that take place within friends and families. A look up at the skies right from the morning all the way to sunset, will let you have a look at a variety of kites flying. The activity of making kites begin days before the actual pujas. Right from the normal ones all the way to the amazingly decorates ones, you get to come across kites in an array of colours. It is in fact a major craze among the younger generations, though elderly people also participate in the event with full fervour.

Vishwakarma puja mantra and chantings

“Shri vishwakarama prabhune vandu
Charan kamal dhari dhyan
Shri shambu bal aru shrip gun Dije daya nidhaan
Om shree shrishtinathaya sarvasidhhaya vishwakarmaya namo namah”

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