Today's Horoscope ( Friday, Oct 18th, 2019 )


A small challenge turns out to be an opportunity — so make sure that you’re ready for anything! You may find it easier to enlist support ahead of time, but that’s not essential to victory.


Work on your career today — even if you’re perfectly happy where you are right now! You never know what opportunities are opening up until you take a look. Change is good today!


You’ve got it easy today — so make sure that you’re spreading the joy around as much as possible. Things may start to get a little weird later in the day, but you can make them work without any trouble.


You need to stick to your routines today — otherwise, things may start to get out of control pretty quickly! Your energy is a little drawn out, but you can save up enough of it to make a difference.


Take all the time you need to focus on your own issues today — other people can wait their turn. It may feel heartless, but you have to take care of yourself before you can reach out to help others.


Finances are a big problem for you today — but it’s mostly in your head! You need to shake it off and get some assistance from someone who’s calm and knows what they’re talking about.


A seemingly trivial issue seems to get harder and harder as the day goes on. You can’t quite figure out what’s what, but you can probably get some help if you ask the right person.


Your achievements are stacking up in a big way today — so make sure that you’re showing off a little! Your great energy helps you to pivot from one win to the next. It’s all good!


You need to go over the little details of today’s work or school problems. There’s a lot to learn buried in there, and you should find that you understand it all a lot better by the time you’re done.


You’ve got to take care of business today — your energy demands it! You may not be totally sure what people want of you, but you should still be able to make a big difference in the end.


Your innate intensity is a huge asset today — so make the most of it! You should find that your amazing personal energy helps you to make the most of a situation that seems somewhat dire.


A wild dream takes you by surprise and leaves you feeling a bit nutty when you wake up — but it’s got a coded message that’s worth hearing. Spend some time pondering the details you can remember.

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