How to Perform Ganesha Pooja at Home on Ganesh Chaturthi?

ganesh pooja itemsGanesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular festivals of India. When you offer your prayers to Ganesh ji correctly, he will bring in all the good things in your life, making it blissful.

Ganapati is an extremely popular deity in Hinduism. People eagerly wait for Ganesh Chaturthi, to welcome Lord Ganesha into their homes. On this day, we prepare a scrumptious feast for Lord Ganesha and play host, all the while trying to make his stay in our houses incredibly memorable. As the festival approaches, the whole atmosphere becomes charged and then the preparations start full-fledged well in advance. Continue reading How to Perform Ganesha Pooja at Home on Ganesh Chaturthi?

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Pooja To Find A Perfect Partner

Finding your soulmate is very important in life. A perfect husband is someone with whom you can be yourself with. He must be trustworthy, loyal, understanding and above all, he must love you immensely. However, in life, there are no guarantees or there can be a delay in finding your other half.

So, to make things easier, observing the Swarna Gauri Vrat will help you fulfill this desire. This fast must be followed by unmarried women whose desire is to find the perfect match and get married. Swarna Gauri is another name for Goddess Parvathi. In the form of Goddess Gauri, she represents virtue, fertility, and power.

How the vrat came into existence?

According to the legend, Lord Shiva once described the importance of Swarna Gauri Vrat to Lord Murugan. The story goes, Goddess Parvathi was keen on getting married to Lord Shiva and loved him irrevocably. However, Lord Shiva was still grieving the death of his dear wife Sati and could not reciprocate the same feeling that Goddess Parvathi had for him. Despite the rejection, Goddess Parvathi was determined to win over Lord Shiva, therefore, she started living in the forest and performed intense tapas for sixteen years. Lord Shiva was touched by Goddess Parvathi’s dedication and love and he married her.

How to observe the Swarna Gauri Vrat?

Ingredients required:

Kumkum, haldi, sandalwood powder, flowers, sacred leaves, banana leaves, pooja thali, ghee lamp, oil lamp, incense sticks, camphor, Baagina – a plate that consists of bangles, comb, various cereals, coconut, fresh cloth, rice, 16 types of leaves, fruits and jaggery, pooja utensils, milk, honey, curd, ghee, sugar and water.

• This vrat must be observed on the Shukla Tritiya Tithi day.
• On this day, the woman performing the vrat must wake up early, clean the house and cleanse their body thoroughly. Wear traditional clothes and dress up before the pooja.
• Clean the mandir and the designated place where you plan on doing this vrat.
• Keep the idol of Parvathi on a plate of raw rice.
• Tie banana leaves on either side of the goddess to create a canopy.
• Place a small idol of Ganesha and Shiv Ling with Parvathi.
• Do Ganesha pooja before the Swarna Gauri Pooja to avoid obstacles.
• Light incense sticks and the lamps.
• Decorate the idol of the goddess with Kumkum, haldi, sacred leaves, and flowers.
• Take some sacred thread and tie 16 knots on the same. This depicts the tapas and sacrifices Goddess Parvathi underwent. This thread must be tied on your right hand once the pooja is complete. You make this for all the women who participate in the pooja.
• Place the 16-knot thread on the Baagina.
• Bath the idol of Parvathi using milk, honey, ghee, curd, sugar and finally with water.
• Sing bhajans and songs dedicated to Goddess Parvathi.
• Recite this mantra during the pooja, “Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye, Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike, Sharanye Tryambake Gauri Narayani Namostute.” This mantra can be recited for up to 108 times every day.
• Light the camphor and then do the maha aarti.

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What All You Need To Know About Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the love between a brother and a sister. This festival strengthens their bond. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is an extremely popular festival in the Hindu culture. In this festival, the sister ties a rakhi or a sacred thread on the wrists of her brother and he takes a vow to always protect her. The sister also receives a gift from her brother, as a token of love.

This Raksha Bandhan try something different. Don’t just give a gift for the sake of giving. Put some thought and effort into it. Think back and identify what she likes best. Some great gift ideas for your sister are; cosmetics, assorted goodies basket, sports kit, jewellery, gemstones, etc. You can easily buy anything and everything online. From clothing to spiritual shopping, online has it all. From a wide range of supreme quality products to select from, it is a one-click shop.

How did this festival come into existence? 

According to the legend, once upon a time, on the day of Sankranti, Lord Krishna cut his little finger while handling a sugarcane. His wife Rukmini saw this and immediately asked the hired help to get some bandages. His other consort, Satyabhama, she herself rushed to look for bandages. All this while, Draupadi, the wife of five Pandavas, was watching this. She simply tore her sari and bandaged Lord Krishna’s finger. Hence, he promised to protect her all times during any distress, in return for her selfless deed.

Another legend says, Yamuna (the river) tied a rakhi to Yama (Lord of death). He gifted her a boon of immortality. Also, when the Yamuna tied the rakhi, Yama was deeply touched and it moved him. Therefore, he declared that whenever a Rakhi is tied on the wrists of a brother and if he fulfils his duties in protecting his sister, he will be blessed with a very long life.

How to celebrate this festival?

This festival is celebrated on the Shravana Purnima day. This day, all the members of the family wake up early. It is important to cleanse your body before anything else. The important part of the celebration includes arranging the pooja thali to perfection. A lot of them even decorate their thali beautifully before arranging all the Pooja Samagri.

You can go online for pooja accessories. This way, you can do your shopping even late at night and in the comfort of your own house. The pooja thali consists of roli, thilak, grains, Rakhi, sweets, incense sticks, akshata, diya, coconut, a glass of water, and flowers.

Vidhi of Raksha Bandhan:

  • Everybody must dress up in traditional attire.
  • Both the brother and the sister must observe a fast until the Pooja vidhi is completed.
  • The pooja thali must be decorated and arranged properly.
  • The sister first applies the tilak on her brother’s forehead and does the aarti.
  • She then ties the rakhi and feeds her brother sweets and vice versa.
  • On this day, people prepare festive delicacies and feast with all the members of the family.

Have a blessed Raksha Bandhan!!

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How to Set up an Ideal Puja Mandir at Home

god idols for pooja roomWell-placed god idols for pooja room will always bring positive energy into your home. You can do this by following the correct rules and ideologies.

A pooja room is the most important part of a house. Without it, your house becomes incomplete. The perfect location for the pooja room is the northeast corner of your house. The North and east direction are not completely ideal, but the southern part of the house must be completely avoided for a pooja room. Continue reading How to Set up an Ideal Puja Mandir at Home

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How to do Krishna Janmashtami Pooja at Home

pooja materials onlineLord Krishna is an extremely popular deity in the Hindu Culture. People from all around the world worship him and celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. This day marks the birthday of Lord Krishna. On this day, people do an elaborate Krishna pooja to please the Lord. When you successfully complete the pooja, Lord Krishna showers you with all his blessings and brings in happiness and success. Continue reading How to do Krishna Janmashtami Pooja at Home

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Importance and Benefits of Shravan Somwar Vrat

pooja items buy onlineShravan Vrat / Fasting is observed every Monday of the fifth month in the Hindu Calendar. This month is known as Shravan or Savan. This month got the name Shravan because of the constellation that appears during this period. Shravan month is extremely sacred in the Hindu Culture. It is said that in this period every year, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Lord Vishnu bestow their auspicious blessings on their most sincere devotees. This month also witnesses some important festivals such as Raksha Bandhan, Hariyali Teej, and Naag Panchami. Continue reading Importance and Benefits of Shravan Somwar Vrat

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Procedure of Performing Ganesh Chaturthi at Home

puja items onlineIt is one of a kind of festival where people from all region and place come together. It is celebrated all over the country with tremendous enthusiasm. Also, there are many people who also decide to perform such puja at home only. People nowadays prefer to perform the puja in their home and keeps the deity more than one day in their home. On the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi with a huge procession and full of rituals the deity is immersed in lake or pond. Continue reading Procedure of Performing Ganesh Chaturthi at Home

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Monday Puja, and Procedure and Benefits

buy pooja samagri onlineOn Mondays, people shower Lord Shiva with all the prayers and love. It is said that pleasing Lord Shiva is extremely easy. Hence, people usually fast for the whole day and offer special prayers to the Lord for a blissful life.


The fasting, once started, must be continued for 16 weeks. When one observes the fast, they must first wake up early every Monday morning. After completing the morning ablutions, they must first clean the altar or Mandir. Once clean, light diyas with gingelly oil. Decorate the idol or the picture of Lord Shiva using Chandan and colorful flowers. While you are offering beautiful flowers to Lord Shiva, keep chanting the Lord’s name. You can chant ‘Om Namah Shivay’.

Before concluding the pooja, one must offer, betel leaves, coconut, fresh fruits, and a sweet dish that is freshly made at home using very fine ingredients. Always remember, when you are cooking for the Lord, you must always commence once you take your bath and never try to taste it, it must remain untouched till you offer it to Lord Shiva.

Today, there are very many online puja stores to make things easier for you. This way, you are offered a vast variety and can choose the best ingredients. Also, it is extremely time-saving. Even if you are in the office, you can buy all the puja items easily.

Ingredient and Procedure:

You can perform Monday prayers even if you are not fasting. For this, the procedure is a little different. You will need; Shiv Ling, milk, honey, water, curds, ghee, sugar, bilva leaves, Chandan, flowers, vibhuti, oil, diyas and incense sticks. As mentioned, before you begin the prayers, you must cleanse yourself thoroughly. You can recite mantras like Shiva Bija Mantra, Maha mrityunjay mantra etc. First, light the lamp and burn the incense sticks. Then, offer fresh fruits and adorn Lord Shiva with flowers. After the mantras, give the idol of Lord Shiva a bath with water and then perform Panchamrit Abhisheka. For this, mix honey, sugar, ghee, curd, and milk (this is the panchamrit). Finally, offer the panchamrit to all the family members. One can buy puja samagri online if you are not able to find all these ingredients in your nearby market.


Praying to Lord Shiva is extremely beneficial. Shiva protects you from all the negativity and keeps Shani away. It will also keep you healthy and prevent any major diseases or problems. If you are trying to advance in your career, Lord Shiva will help you attain all the professional success. It is said that fasting for 16 weeks will also help you find the husband of your dreams.

For a successful and harmonious marriage, offer Lord Shiva your prayers. He, the mighty Lord, always offers his support and strength when pleased with you. Hence, whenever you are in a difficult situation, Shiva will surely help you get rid of all your troubles and give you that much-needed courage to face the world.

When you offer your Monday prayers regularly, it will help you achieve Moksha or salvation in your afterlife and help you achieve peace.

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Get Rid of Negative Energy at Your Home with These Simple & Effective Steps

Have you heard of the saying, ‘Home Sweet Home’? It is, isn’t it? That is because we shed all our inhibitions and feel safe in our home, a place where we feel the most comfortable. The walls of our house are always there with us through thick and thin. From our emotional tears to the tears of joy, it has seen it all. According to our ‘Shastras’, the powerful emotions that we feel influences our environment. Our house is basically like a sponge, it absorbs all the energy, both positive and negative, of all the people who reside in the house and of the ones who visit. Hence, the accumulated energy has the strength to create a strong impact on the members of that household.

However, there is no need to worry or ponder about this factor seriously. Make sure you always cleanse your house to flush out all the negativity. Vaastu helps you completely cleanse the house without spending much money, thus creating a positive environment.

Sea Salt 

These sparkly crystals are the best way to get rid of all the negativity from your house. If you are someone who has several carpets laid down in your house, then just sprinkle some salt on the carpet and wait for an hour, vacuum it. Another alternative it to place a bowl filled with salt in the corners of your house. This will flush out all the negativity once and for all.


Sage leave help you prevent and get rid of negativity and balances the environment around you. Take a heat proof pot and light some incense sticks. Burn dry sage leaves in the pot, letting the smoke pass through you and surround the house. This also gives you emotional stability.

Keep your house alive 

Try to keep the windows of your house open, as much as you can. Fresh air brings in positivity. Make sure you regularly rearrange your furniture. Negative energy needs something to hold on to and when you rearrange things, it simply goes always. Always keep your environment happy. This is an ancient Feng Shui tactic to help stay away from negativity.

Camphor and cloves

Take a heat proof bowl and burn camphor and cloves together every morning and evening to get rid of all the negativity from your house and this will also help you improve your luck when it comes to monetary desires.


Cedar leaves are an incredible way to push away all the negativity from your house. Just take a heat proof bowl and burn some cedar leaves. Let this energy surround all the corners of the house. This also helps you declutter your mind.


Take some dry rosemary leaves and burn it in a heat proof bowl. This is not just good for your house, but good for your health also. It improves mental health, strengthens family bonds, gives you good sleep and of course throws away all the negativity.

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Discover the Way of Getting all Kinds of Puja Items at your Doorstep

pooja samagri kit onlineAre you really searching for puja samagri that are required to do puja online? It is a common phenomenon among the Hindus to worship deities. People believe that worshipping deities will bring peace and prosperity to their lives. Puja is considered as an auspicious part of any occasion or festivals celebrated by the Hindus. Different mantras, hymns are chanted while worshipping the deities. The idols are decorated with flowers, garlands and the Prasad then is distributed among the devotees after the puja. Continue reading Discover the Way of Getting all Kinds of Puja Items at your Doorstep

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