Why Should You Decorate Your Puja Ghar With God’s Frames?

Decorate Your Puja Ghar

Should you decorate your puja ghar with photo frames of Gods and Goddesses? Well, why don’t you ask the best puja items franchise and look for an answer?

As Indians, one of our favourite jobs is buying divine gift items online. We love to give and receive God photo frames as gifts. We believe that storing God and Goddesses in the form of pictures will bless our house. So, let’s begin with some important information. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Decorate Your Puja Ghar

  1. Which is the right arrangement for placing Gods?

The most fortunate and ideal arrangement for idols in a home is a cone-shaped one. Every god statue must be placed in a specific location; all female god statues must be placed on the right side of the pooja chamber, and all male god sculptures must be placed on the left side. 

Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh should be the final and widest section of the cone-shaped arrangement of statues because they are the world’s creators. According to their strength, reverence, and knowledge, the god statues should be positioned and organised. The Ganesha statue should be positioned at the point of the cone arrangement.

  1. How many God deities should you place at your home?

Your home’s Pooja room is unique from temples for a reason. Temples can be a part of a home, but a home cannot be a part of a temple since homes are where people live and enjoy materialistic items, whereas temples are holy places that are free from materialism. In the home, there shouldn’t be more than three or four idols. Additionally, avoid keeping many sculptures of the same god.

  1. What God statues you should place?

If you want to worship an idol, you can keep it at home, but it is not advisable to worship it in its furious or Rudra form. Since Lord Ganesha is revered as the God of joy, abundance, and happiness, it is thought that putting his statue is beneficial. However, it must be positioned correctly in order to drive away all negative energy and barriers from your life and draw in health and fortune. 

The colour of the statue of God is significant. Keeping a white Ganesha idol at home is lucky. You can also place Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati in addition to Lord Ganesha. In the Pooja room at home, the trinity of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Saraswati is seen as lucky.

Wrapping It Up

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Why Is It Auspicious To Place Lord Vishwakarma Frames In Your Car

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Lord Vishwakarma is the “maker of the universe”. In order to bless our car, we usually put his frames. Much like puja kits for all festivals. Let’s check out more.

Our cars are always very special to us. Just like our homes, we want the best for our cars as well. People believe that placing a Lord Vishwakarma car frame will keep them away from any mishappenings. Keeping this in mind, PujaShoppe, the biggest puja items franchise, has set out to provide the best car frames to you all. Take a moment to go through all of them and decide which one is the best for you. 

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Significance of Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja

Significance of Vasant Panchmi or Sarwasti Puja One may call it differently, in several parts of this mystical country but mostly “Vasant Panchami” what this festival is better known as. All ocassion, one needs to collect puja samagri. In many parts, it is also celebrate as ‘Basant festivals of Kites”. Sikhs in Gurdwaras celebrate Vasant Panchami as “Sikh Festival”. Whereas in the state of Bihar, this day is dedicated to all the farmers, popularly known as ‘Harvest Festival’, Some of the other parts in India, it is the anniversary of “Deo-Sun God’. The occasion is the same, it is just that it is celebrated with different rituals and different customs. This shows that people always have a different way to celebrate an occasion but the essence remains the same everywhere. In wide parts of Bengal, this day is particularly special for Bengalis because it’s the day when Saraswati Puja is commenced with great pomp and Glitter. Continue reading Significance of Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja

A Memorable Treat for Rakshabandhan!

A Memorable Treat for Rakshabandhan!
A Memorable Treat for Rakshabandhan!

Festival of threads is back again! Rakhi is just around the corner, and you should start shopping well in advance to avoid last minute worries.

If you are looking for rakhis, pujashoppe.com has come up with an extensive range of beautifully crafted rakhis, this season. You just need to access our website online (www.pujashoppe.com), go through the wide range of rakhis available, select the best one, place the order, and get it delivered at your doorstep. It is this simple process!
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How to prepare Kalash for puja?

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Kalash is a pot to carry water and is of great significance in Hinduism, especially in South India. It depicts various forms of Goddesses in most pujas. Silver or brass Kalash is normally used for many pujas. Many pujas are of no value if Kalash is not counted in and is deemed as indispensable element. Kalash is one of the major components of online divine gifts and sought for its propitious characteristics. Continue reading How to prepare Kalash for puja?

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