Incense Sticks: What Are The Spiritual Benefits Of Lighting Them?

Spiritual Benefits of Incense Stick

Wondering why you should purchase an incense stick? or is there any spiritual benefits to it? Well, this blog has all the reasons for lighting an incense stick at your home. So, dive deep into the article.  

Incenses are nothing but plant materials burning which releases fragrant aromas. They are available in various cones, powders and the most common one- sticks. Lighting Aggarbati in Indian households has been an age-old tradition. And if you are thinking that it’s just for the aroma, then you are definitely wrong. There are some spiritual benefits as well. 

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Do Incense Sticks Actually Have Something To Do With Meditation?

Whenever we light an Agarbatti, we immediately think of it as something religious. But incense sticks are not always traditional, sometimes they are also linked with meditation. Aroma therapy has its own share of benefits for the human mind and body. So, let’s check out some meditational benefits of incense sticks. 

An incense stick is a material that discharges a pleasant fragrance while burning. It gives us inner peace by soothing our minds. The divine fragrance reaches our hearts and ultimately elevates the mood. All around the globe, the practice of burning incense wooden sticks is fairly common. 

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Embrace the New Normal: Celebrate Dhanteras Puja at Home

Dhanteras Pujashoppe

Escape from the gruesome clutches of Covid-19, stay indoors. Indulge in puja samagri online shopping from the puja saman store. Know how you can celebrate Dhanteras at home.

Diwali is just a week away and we are sure that you all are busy in the preparations. The main attractions of the festival are arranging for puja kits, shopping for new clothes, making beautiful decorations, lip-smacking food, fun-filled gatherings, and parties. However, this year’s story is slightly different. Due to the global pandemic imposed to stop the deadly coronavirus, we have to change our plans for our own good. 

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Important Slokas of Various Hindu Gods and Goddesses

gods and goddesses


Worshipping the gods and goddesses forms a part and parcel of our life. Without praying to the god, we cannot keep our feeling and difficulties within ourselves. Hence, prayer is a must for each and every person belonging to different religions also. We are living our life happily or sorrowfully based on our past birth karmas. Though we cannot entirely remove our sins by worshipping the god, at least we would be able to get the courage and strength in our mind and body, and we would be able to withstand in our life without much difficulty. We would feel a sense of satisfaction, that later or sooner, god would fulfil our wishes and needs, and would get greater mental relaxation, and happiness by praying to the god.

I have given slokas of gods and goddess, it is better to chant it on a daily basis, in order to get better results in our life.

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Dahi Handi – An Integral Ritual of the Janmashtami Festival

pooja samagri store

The festival of Dahi Handi is celebrated with online puja samagri bought from the Puja kits store in India. Read this blog to read about this occasion in details.

The Shri Krishna Janmashtami marks the auspicious celebrations of the birth of Lord Shri Krishna. People celebrate this day with a lot of enthusiasm and grandeur throughout the country, especially in the Western state of Maharashtra. A famous sportive event is also conducted on this day, known as Dahi Handi, with online puja samagri to honour the birth of divinely Bal Gopal. Continue reading Dahi Handi – An Integral Ritual of the Janmashtami Festival

Mool Shanti Puja – Its Vidhi, Significance, and Samagris

MOOL SHANTI SAMAGRIMool Shanti puja has several benefits. You can buy the puja samagris online separately or in the form of the kit available here to make your puja perfect.

Mool Shanti puja must be performed for the shanti or to calm down the nakshatras or planets. In this ritual, eleven thousand mantras of the planets are chanted. lLeaves of twenty-seven different plants are collected for the puja, & water is gathered from twenty-seven different places. After the completion of the puja, donations are offered to twenty-seven Brahmins as per the vidhi. Each Brahmin is offered one kilogram of wheat, ghee, money, food, and clothes, which sums up to twenty-seven kilograms in total offered to all of them. In order to perform the puja with perfection, different types of puja items are required. Instead of looking for each and every samagri here and there, you can check them out in a single package in the form of the Mool Shanti Samagri kit at the online store. The puja samagri online store offers it at the best price. Continue reading Mool Shanti Puja – Its Vidhi, Significance, and Samagris

The Significance of Last Day of Navratri

Navratri festival brings with it the feeling of joy and happiness all around. It lasts for nine days, and the ninth day is all about marking the blissful presence of Goddess Siddhidatri.

Marking the end of nine days of Navratri festival, the day is popular as Mahanavami. On this day, various form of Goddess Durga is blissfully worshiped.

On the ninth and the last day of Navratri, devotees arrange a grand Havan to mark the occasion. For this you will need navratri puja kits. Such kits are easily available at to offer you a hassle free havan and puja thereafter.

The tradition of performing havan is done to remove the negative energies from the home. It is also performed to get the divine blessings of Goddess Durga and her nine manifestations.

The end of the festival is usually an emotional day for devotes as it means back to the normal life.

Chanting mantra during the worshiping process on this day is of great significance.

Performing navratri puja on the last day with proper durga puja kits is really important. Pujashoppe understands the significance of taking up the puja successfully; therefore you can easily buy navratri puja kits online with us.

Offering prayer during navratri is very important. You can buy devi puja kits online and perform your prayers accordingly. Shop at online and we make sure your prayers will be performed hassle-free and completely.

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Talking about the ninth day of navratri, this day fills the hearts of devotees with spiritual thoughts and new beginnings. While celebrating the glory and grace of Goddess Siddhidatri, you can bring about a complete changeover to your lives.

Goddess Siddidatri is known as the guiding light in tough times. So, worship her with full devotion and lead yourself towards the path of happiness and peace.

Celebrating the last day of navratri is the pure idea of giving. So, it is very important to invite young girls and Brahmins to your house to offer Prasad. Generally, the Prasad includes puri, channa and halwa.

The significance of inviting young girls is that they are considered the reincarnation of Maa Durga herself.

Perform these rituals with full devotion and heart and bless your home with a new ray of positivity and happiness!

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Sit Back & Perform Effortless Pujas

Those who perform pujas frequently, or let’s say every day, know that any puja requires a lot of preparations, and ingredients, or samagri. From preparing a place to perform the puja to collecting all the required things, all these are tedious tasks to take up.

Worry not; has come up with a wide assortment of puja kits, and availability of pandits to perform any puja to help you perform an effortless puja. Now-a-days, it sometimes becomes a challenging task to get a pandit during puja days. You can now book pandit with us, if you are planning any puja. Our pandits will bring with them all the required samagri, and you just need to pay them for the entire puja. See, how easy and exciting it sounds!

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The puja kits available with us include all the essential items that are necessary for a particular puja. We have puja kits appropriate according to various pujas, like Satyanarayn puja, Mahalaxmi puja, Rudrabhishek puja, Navratri puja, Janmastmi puja, Grihparvesh puja, Mahamirtyunjay mantra puja, Namkaran puja, Shadi vivah puja, Diwali puja, Sundarkand puja, Sarswati puja, Laxmi Ganesh puja, etc.

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