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The Significance of the Jitiya Vrat In the Hindu Culture

Jitiya Vrat

The Jitiya or Jivitputrika Puja is done with premium puja kit and Indian puja thali online bought from the puja store online. For more information, read this blog.

The Jitiya or the Jivitputrika is a very holy fast observed by the mothers with great dedication and reverence. The aim is to pray for the long life of the children. This vrat is an important Hindu rite which people celebrate with Indian puja thali online. On this day, the devotees pray for the long lifespan of their near and dear ones and continue to do this until their wish gets fulfilled. Continue reading The Significance of the Jitiya Vrat In the Hindu Culture

Vishwakarma Jayanti – Worship the Lord of Craftsmen with Pooja Samagri

pooja samagri

The Vishwakarma puja is celebrated with great pomp and puja saman online after buying from the pooja samagri shop online. Read the blog to know more about the puja.

Vishwakarma Jayanti, also known as Vishwakarma Puja, is celebrated with great pomp, fervour and pooja things across the country. The day marks the birth date of Lord Vishwakarma, who is also the God of Architects. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishwakarma made weapons, tools, palaces for the other Gods. The legend says that he also created the idols of Lords Jagannath, Balabadra and Subhadra inside the famous puri temple. Several of his devotees believe that this skilled lord made heaven or Swarglok. He has also built the holy city of Dwarka (Lord Krishna’s home) along with the Maha Sabha of the Pandavas. 

On this particular occasion, the devotees will offer prayers and shraddha to this Lord with premium puja kit. People place his idol is inside every big and small workplace like shops and even offices to earn his blessings. People also arrange for this puja so that they do not suffer from any money shortage in their work/business. You can buy his beautiful idols from the online puja store. Continue reading Vishwakarma Jayanti – Worship the Lord of Craftsmen with Pooja Samagri

How Is the Pitru Paksha Puja Performed With Online Puja Samagri?

Online Puja Samagri

The Pitru Paksha is celebrated with online puja samagri bought from the puja items online stores. Read this blog for more information.

India is a land of rich culture where, within the Hindu tradition, people celebrate a lot of different festivals. Each of this festivals associates with specific rituals. According to the Hindu calendar, everyone celebrates the Pitru Paksha for 16 days with pooja items and pooja things. On this occasion, the Hindus pay homage to their deceased ancestors who reside in Pitruloka. Continue reading How Is the Pitru Paksha Puja Performed With Online Puja Samagri?

Raksha Bandhan – A Festival Celebrating the Brother-Sister Bond

fancy rakhi puja kits

The significance of the Raksha Bandhan festival is different in various states, a day which celebrates the auspicious bond between a brother and the sister after buying fancy rakhi puja kits from the puja stores online. Read to know more.

A popular festival with in the Hindu culture, the occasion of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the heartfelt and auspicious bond between a brother and a sister. The occasion falls every year in the holy month of Shravana and has a lot of sentiments associated with it. This festival is celebrated in different ways with pooja things across the states, most prominently in the parts of Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and others. Continue reading Raksha Bandhan – A Festival Celebrating the Brother-Sister Bond

Special Custom of Following the Shravan Somwar Ritual

Shravan Somwar days start 2019

Indians are highly spiritual when it comes to following age-old significant customs. The Sharavan Somwar ritual is one of them, considered very auspicious for goddess Shiva. In the year 2019, this month usually starts from 17th July and is followed by a large number of people who buy a lot of puja kits from pooja stores, especially for this day.

According to the Tamil scriptures, it is known as “Avani” since it is the fifth month of the solar year. According to the Vedic astrology, the Shravan maas sets in when the sun enters the zodiac zone. The Lunar calendar narrates a different story- that the Shravan month begins on the day of the new moon day. On the remarkable occasion of the Full Moon or Purnima, the divine fragment of the sky is under the sovereignty of the celestial Shravan Nakshatra ( one out of the twenty-seven nakshatras). This is the reason it is called Shravan. Every single day of this month is auspicious since the devotees worship the humble lord Shiva or Shambhu. Optimistic prayers and notable Vedic rituals are performed in the temples of Lord Shiva to satisfy him dearly. This is a holy month since a lot of other festivities are also celebrated like Govasta, Shravani Purnima, Vara Lakshmi Vrata, Nagar Panchami, Raksha Bandhan, Kalkyavatara, Putradaikadashi etc. You can perform this by buying Indian puja items and puja kits for all festivals. Continue reading Special Custom of Following the Shravan Somwar Ritual

Masik Kalashtami – Story, Puja Vidhi & Its Benefits

puja shopping online

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Masik Kalashtami is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. This incarnation of Shiva is known as Kaal Bhairava. On the day of Masik Kalashtami, the devotees worship Kaal Bhairava. In Hinduism, every ritual has its own significance. Kalashtami puja is performed every month on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha. This puja is mostly performed by the Noth Indian devotees. This auspicious day is spend by performing the puja in the right way with perfection and with each and every puja samagri. If you are true devotee of Kaal Bhairava and you perform the puja every month then from now onwards you can order the pooja saman online to make your puja easy. Continue reading Masik Kalashtami – Story, Puja Vidhi & Its Benefits

All You Need to Know About Guru Ravidas Jayanti

guru ravidas jayantiMany people perform a puja on the auspicious day of Guru Ravidas Jayanti. They do their puja shopping online as well as from the market to worship the Guru.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of the birthday of Guru Ravidas. He was a well-known saint who was born on the full moon day in February. He was also named as Rohidas, Raidas, and Ruhidas. His teachings during the fifteenth century was attained by most of the people from all over India. His devotional words, verses, and songs made a long-lasting impression on the minds of the people in the bhakti movement. Today, many people also celebrate his birthday ( the full moon day ) by performing a puja to remember him and worship him. They do puja shopping online and from the market to make the arrangements for the puja. Continue reading All You Need to Know About Guru Ravidas Jayanti