Dahi Handi – An Integral Ritual of the Janmashtami Festival

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The festival of Dahi Handi is celebrated with online puja samagri bought from the Puja kits store in India. Read this blog to read about this occasion in details.

The Shri Krishna Janmashtami marks the auspicious celebrations of the birth of Lord Shri Krishna. People celebrate this day with a lot of enthusiasm and grandeur throughout the country, especially in the Western state of Maharashtra. A famous sportive event is also conducted on this day, known as Dahi Handi, with online puja samagri to honour the birth of divinely Bal Gopal.

Janmashtami falls during the late month of July or early August, the Bhadra month, on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha, also known as the 8th day or the dark fortnight. It is said that on this occasion, Gopal had taken the powerful and influential incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in the form of a human being. He grew up in the town of Gokula and his parents were Yasoda and Nanda.

How Is the Festival Celebrated?

Dahi Handi refers to a vessel or pot made of clay which is filled with curd. It is a propitious Hindu festival, celebrated with Indian puja items in which daring and passionate young boys form a large and tall human pyramid consisting of several layers and forming a rigid structure. The aim is to break the pot of curd which has been hanged from a rope tied at a great height (usually away from the normal human reach). The rope is tied at both ends and attempts are taken to break the vessel by climbing the pyramid structure. The Dahi Handi festival is also known by the name of Govinda or Gopalkala festival. People enjoy on this day after buying from pooja samagri store.

This event takes its inspiration from the childhood days of Bal Gopal who used to steal curd from under his mothers’ eyes in his house in Vrindavan. Those people who form the human pyramid are called Govinda. This festival has celebrated over a thousand years and in general, only the males of the family participate in this Dahi breaking ceremony. They also buy premium puja kits online.

The height of the Handi consisting of the Dahi is somewhere between 10 to 50 foot. The process of pyramid formation takes a lot of strength and practice over many days. At first, some guys make a circle by holding their hands together and putting them on each other’s shoulder while leaning inwards. This forms the base layer which requires the maximum number of people. Next, another set of boys come and stand in the same position, but on the shoulder of the other boys while taking the same posture. Another layer is formed and the pyramid takes shape. The number of boys decreases as the height of the structure gradually increases. In the uppermost layer, a single person climbs up to take the attempt of breaking the handi. A lot of people surround them at all times so that in the case of the pyramid breaks, others can catch the Govindas.

The festival is celebrated with great zeal by people of all cultures and ethnicities with puja products bought from the pooja samagri store in India. The Dahi Handi is also done as a competition in which the team of Govindas which break the handi first and in less time is awarded a lump sum cash prize. The more is the height of the handi, the more attractive prize is given. After this ritual, people enjoy sweets and drinks and dance to the groove of religious songs.

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