Essential Tips for Decorating the Diwali Puja Thali

puja thali onlineDecorating the puja thalis is an integral part of Diwali puja. Nowadays, you can either get the thali from the market or can choose to buy puja thali online.

Puja thalis are the metal plates made up of brass, copper, silver, steel, or sometimes gold, on which all the puja samagris are kept to perform the puja. During Diwali, the Hindus worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, to invite prosperity to home. Both the online and the stores in the market will offer different thalis but if you choose to buy puja thali online then you will definitely come across more number of options at the best prices.

A distinctive Diwali thali comprise of some pious items such as the unbroken rice grains that is known as the akshat, roli for tilak, rice paste, sweets, seasonal flowers known as the prasads, dhoop or incense sticks, camphor, sandalwood powder, coconut powder, betel leaves, diyas, candles, kalash that is the pot filled with water, gold or silver coins with sacred symbols like shree or swastika, a ghanta or a hand bell, sacred thread for tying around the wrist, and the petals of flowers.

Garnishing a puja thali is an interesting activity. It needs a lot of patience for arranging the thali decoratively with the necessary items required for the puja. It gives immense satisfaction, pleasure, and joy to decorate the thalis by yourself even though it is available readymade in the stores now.

Some of the Ideas of Decorating the Holy Thalis are here:-

  • Take the thali you have bought. It can be of any shape and size as per your preference and needs.
  • Take the roli in any small bowl and then mix a little amount of water in it for making a paste to draw the religious symbols like ‘swastika’ or ‘om’ using the paste on the deities.
  • Cover the thali with a bright colored piece of cloth preferably red with a traditional print. You can also choose the cloth piece with a zari border or a decorative print.
  • Decorate the sacred thali with betel leaves bunch that will add the holy touch to the thali. Then keep the other puja samagris on it in the right way to give an elegant, decorative, and religious look to it.
  • Lastly, cover the thali with the petals of rose, marigold, and some other flowers used in the Hindu pujas.

These are some of the ways in which you can decorate your Diwali puja thali. You can either buy the thali from the market or else for more convenience you can choose to do pooja items online shopping. This will save your energy, time, as well as your extra traveling expense.

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