Pooja To Win Court Cases and Legal Battles

Getting involved in a court case can get quite scary. When you are innocent and somebody’s jealousy or greed creates difficulty for you, it is extremely daunting. Usually, when you get entangled in a court case, it is because of the dosh in your second, third or sixth house. When the planetary positions are, not how they are supposed to be, trouble gets inflicted.

However, there is a way out. With a Proper Pooja, you can come out a Winner. But, there are cases where even after getting the pooja done, people still don’t win. This is because the Pooja is not done accordingly. This Pooja must be done after getting your horoscope analysed by the Pandit ji and with the help of a Pandit ji, only then will it become Successful.

For Legal issues, you must offer your prayers to Goddess Baglamukhi. She is the Goddess who provides Victory, Protection, Power and Dominance. When you worship her with all your dedication, She will not only help you achieve Success in your legal formalities, but she can even help you win Competitions and can help pacify major fights.

It is also said that when you offer your prayers to this Goddess, she helps ward off all the evil spirits and negative energy connected to you. Goddess Baglamukhi is described as a deity with three eyes who dons yellow attire and sparkly gems. Her diadem consisted of a moon and she wears champaka. In her one hand, you will notice her holding her enemy’s tongue and with the other hand, she is spearing him.

Baglamukhi Mantra

Om Hleem Baglamukhi

Sarvadushtaanam Vaacham Mukham

Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim

Vinaashaay Hring Om Swaha

How to Recite the Mantra?

  • This mantra must be recited early in the morning after taking a Bath.
  • You must Sit on a yellow aasan while Chanting.
  • Use a Haldi mala, basil mala or Rudraksh Mala.
  • You must keep a picture or an idol of Goddess Baglamukhi in front of you while Chanting.
  • You must first pray to the Goddess by offering her peet flowers.
  • Do it every day without Fail.

Tips to Help you End your Legal Troubles: 

  • Make sure you throw a handful of raw rice outside the court. However, it is important you do this without anyone noticing.
  • Whenever you must visit the court or anywhere related to the case, take a fresh lemon and put cloves in all the four sides. Now, keep this lemon in your pocket and offer prayers to the god. It will grant you success.
  • For this method, you will need a Bhoj Patra. Write the name of the person who is dragging you in this legal battle with red sandal paste and dip it in honey. He will experience a change of heart and will sympathize with you.
  • On the day of the hearing, chew three black pepper seeds with some sugar, slowly. This will make sure that the decision taken is in your favour.

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