Rid Yourself of Evil Spirits with Kalashtami Vrat Puja


The theory of Supernatural powers affecting human lives in good or bad way is not something that is acceptable to many people. It is quite natural, given that what is unseen, remains a topic of debate for living beings. The omnipresence of God is a concept that perhaps cannot be proved but felt. Similarly, the possibility of existence of some powers which are beyond control of the normal beings cannot be denied. The Gifts for Divine spirit are a way of seeking divine shelter from such forces. We pray, pay offerings, try to follow some customs that may lessen the bad spiritual effects.

The Belief in Kaal Bhairav: Though the beliefs of polytheistic Hindus are many in terms of such Puja, we are going to discuss here about one such ceremonial belief, known as Kalashtami, which falls on every Ashtami or eighth day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of the Hindu lunar months. Kaal Bhairav is a deity, who is said to possess a fierce personality and have an obliterating tendency. The name itself means ‘the terrible’ in Sanskrit.

The main festival Kalashatami is celebrated in the month of Kartik or Margashira month for the followers of Amavasyant calendar and Purnimant calendar respectively. The day however coincides for both the sects and is called the Kaal Bhairav Jayanti. On this day, the fasting and Puja constitute the devotional gifts for the divine form..

The Mythological Stories of the Destructor: The origin of this incarnation is mentioned in more than one versions of mythology. In one of them, there is an account of an altercation between the Tridev over who is the creator of the universe. The Brahma and Shiva could not come to an agreement and feeling offended with some remarks of the former, the latter incarnated as Bhairava, as one riding on a black dog and carrying a weapon in hand. He beheaded on of Brahma’s, which made him four headed. This filled everyone with fear and everybody including the sages and the Gods started worshipping him to restore him back to his original form.

Another version says that the Kaal Bhairav had to repent for his sin of slaying a knowledgeable Brahmin by roaming as beggar round the world and carrying the slain skull in his hand as a bowl to beg. The relief was finally granted to him on his arrival to Varanasi. There is another story which prevails in this respect, but involving an altogether different circumstance for the origin of Avatar. The background of the tale revolves around the Sati and Shiva. Many temples dedicated to this incarnation of the Lord are built in our country.

The Devotees’ Expectations: The rituals followed for worshipping this Avatar are mainly having a fast, listening to the Kalbhairav Katha followed by Puja and staying awake all night. People may Buy Brass Puja Thali Online or offline for this Puja. Along with Kaal Bhairav Goddess Parvati is also prayed. It is said that feeding a dog and treating him as a divine being appeases the deity on the days dedicated to Him. Also bathing in the holy river and performing the Shradh has special significance on this day. The grace of this Lord is said to relieve the people of their sufferings that is inflicted by the ominous spirits or paranormal forces. The blessings of this deity is said to bestow the boon of eliminating the troubles in one’s life.

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