Shardiya Navaratri Ghatasthapana Is An Auspicious Festive Ritual!

The Shardiya Navaratri Ghatasthapana is done by the devotees with online Navaratri puja kit. Read this to know more and buy from the puja store online at best prices.

The Sharadiya Navaratri, also known as the second Navaratri or the maha Navaratri, falls on the Pratipada of the fortnight, in the Ashwin month. Navaratri means ‘nine bright and auspicious nights,’ and it is a significant festival in the Hindu culture. People dedicate this day to the worship of Goddess Durga who then observes it with Premium Pooja Samagri.

The significant occasion of Navaratri is celebrated by the common masses twice every year. The first Navaratri falls on the Chaitra month, which is from March to April. The second event of Navaratri happens during the Ashwin month, during the Sharad season with online Navratri puja kits. The eminence of the Navaratri festival is that the nine beautiful and omnipotent avatars of Goddess Durga is worshipped by the devotees with premium puja kits online.

The Different Rituals:-

On the first occasion of the holy Navaratri, the devotees and worshippers sow and plant barley seeds inside a small pot after buying from the online puja samagri store. Over time, these seeds will grow into little shoots. You will then have to pull them out and share it among all the devotees as a sign of blessing from God.

A significant ritual is the Sthapana of the pious Kalash, also referred to as the Ghatasthapana. It marks the beginning of the Navaratri festival. During this puja done with Indian puja items, worshippers invoke Goddess Shakti so that she showers her blessings upon all. The ritual includes placing a Kalash in the prayer room – one which symbolizes Goddess Durga. People recite the Durga Saptshati and light the Akhand Jyoti after buying pooja saman online. This lamp should continue burning for nine days at a stretch, during the whole occasion of Navaratri. People also worship Goddess Shailputri on the very first day of the Navaratri festival, and they buy Puja Accessories Online at the best prices. People also observe a strict fast during these nine days to earn the blessings of the Lord.

You can also perform the Kalash Sthapana during the Abhijit Muhurta and buy from puja store online.

The Puja Vidhi :-

Firstly, all the devotees pray to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga together. You will then have to place the seeds of the barley in a vessel made out of the mud. The worshippers should also take the resolution to observe a fast and get the blessings of the holy deities. You have to sprinkle the prayer room with gangajal, and only then you can place the Kalash. The next task is where you have to collect sand of seven different colours to prepare a peeth over which you will place the Kalash in the right position. In this entire span of the puja, the priests conduct this entire puja with dedication and devotion.

The different ingredients and pooja things required for this puja include the following which you can buy puja items online:-

  • Seven types of sand
  • Betel nuts
  • Kumkum powder/paste
  • Flowers
  • Fruits as offerings
  • Coins
  • Holy cloth
  • Incense sticks, lamp
  • Ghee and honey
  • Five types of leaf for the puja

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