Sita Navami Vrat to Revere the Epitomic Wisdom and Virtues in Beauty

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They say that another name for women is compromise and sacrifice. In our society, since time immemorial women have been attributed with the many responsibilities, which although, may not require much physical labour, requires a lot of mental employment. And this is apart from the various household chores that are thought to be the duty of solely the females. True that society has gone through a lot of change, but that remains pocketised and not widespread. Sita, the mythical divine figure serves as the best model for the committed-towards-consortium yet modern women, who go through the vices of the society and still maintain their integrity and self-respect. This is the reason she is equally respected and worshipped by the devotees of Rama. She is worshipped separately on Sita Navami Vrat by many devout ladies and men, many of which purchase Pooja Items Online now a days.

The Unnatural Birth of Sita:

The birth of Sita was as mystical as her virtues and activities noted during her lifetime through pages of the works related to Ramayana. It is the day of the divine birth that Sita Navami observes. It is mentioned in the mythical accounts that Sita was found in a ‘furrow’, which literally translates to her name, in a ploughed field in the territory of Mithila. She was apparently the daughter of Bhoomi Devi (Goddess Earth) and got adopted by the Janak and Sunaya, the King and Queen of Mithila. There are many other legends that are associated with the birth of Sita. One mentions her of being a reincarnation of Vedvati, born to be the reason of Ravana’s slaying.

The Myths Surrounding Sita’s Life:

Apart from being a perfect daughter, wife and mother, her story serves as the ideal for women in balancing the selflessness with self-regard. It is said that she was the most knowledgeable female of her times and was also a famed beauty. The power of her morality was manifested in the mythical records of her later life when she left with Rama and Lakshmana for exile, being from a royal background. And again, when she was abducted and kept in the Ashoka Vatika by devil Ravana, as well as, when she went through Agni Pariksha. She started leading a separate life with her sons Luv and Kush in forest, after she was made to do this by Rama as part of his kingship. Still, she kept the flame of her love to him alive. She, however, showed the true character of an self-esteemed lady when she surrendered herself to Bhumi Devi, which split herself open to take her away from this mean world.

The Birth Celebrations on Sita Navami:

The Tithi on the 9th day of Shukla Paksha (Moon’s Waxing Phase) Hindu lunar month of Vaisakha is marked as the incarnation of Sita and is called ‘Sita Navami’. On this day people, there is a religious custom of observing complete fasts by married women in reverence of the mythical female figure, who was a paragon of loyalty, commitment, brilliance, patience and dignity. Along with Sita, her husband Lord Rama, his brother Lakshmana and Lord Hanuman, who was their greatest support, are prayed. There is an availability of Pure Sterling Silver Ram Darbar in online markets which can be in consecrated and installed for Puja purpose on this day.

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Decoration of a Puja Mandap with flowers and offertory rituals with items like rice, barley, Til (sesame seeds) and fruits are done while fasting. Preparation of a special Bhog to be distributed after Puja Vidhi which is followed by Aarti, is also a tradition on Sita Navami. It is said that Puja and fast on the auspicious day brings the blessings of undying divine qualities of Sita into the devotees. Also the worshipping of Rama and Sita together is believed to bring marital bliss in the life of couples. The online marketplaces also sell Hanuman Idols separately, apart from including the divine figurine as part of Ram Darbar.

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