Vastu Plans for a Puja Room

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Pujas is an inevitable part of a Hindu household. A puja room is the purest room to be happening in a house. Devotional statues in India are brought specially to keep in the puja room and everyday Gods are being worshipped in a Hindu household. Specials pujas are also held during any God’s birth anniversary.

People believes in vastu and they design their house according to the experts who are in the field of vastu. There are many vastu product online stores from where you can buy products for your home. Vastu is generally termed as the logical science that brings welfare in your home. For the purpose of meditation and offering prayers a prayer room is required. In this particular room one also can gain spiritual thoughts and feel peaceful. It is also said that for this reason only the puja room should be placed accordingly according to the guidelines of vastu because it is said that it needs to be followed to bring welfare and wealth in the house. In a house there is a specific room for a specific function and thus it is obvious that it should be the same for the puja room. People can accumulate a large collection of idols by buying from devotional statues online stores.

Puja Room location according to Vastu

  • Face the puja room either in the eastern or north-eastern direction as because from that side the sun rays could enter easily into the room
  • The Puja room could be located at the middle of the house also.
  • The Puja room should not be in the basement as because that’s the darkest place of any house.
  • Try to avoid placing the puja room and statues of gods in the room as some people think that it is disrespectful to lie their feet towards the idols.

Location of devotional statues to be placed in the puja room according to Vastu

  • The idols need to place in the North- East or eastern direction or facing towards West to get the morning and evening rays of light which will make them unable to see them well.
  • Do not keep a broken idol for worshipping because it could be a distracting factor.
  • Do not face the idol to each other because, the reason of facing the idols is that people should see them and worship them.
  • The idols have to be placed a bit away from walls so that the air should be present in the entire and also do not make the room congested.

Location of Puja things to be placed according to vastu in the Puja room

  • Always keep the lamp in front of the devotional statues.
  • The puja things must be placed facing in the South – east direction.
  • It is important that the foods must be offered in front of the idols
  • A cupboard should be placed lower than the idols.
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