8 Incense Fragrance that will instantly put you in a Good Mood

8 Incense Fragrance that will instantly put you in a Good Mood
8 Incense Fragrance that will instantly put you in a Good Mood

When being born in India, there is no chance you can never encounter a single day when you don’t get to invoke your senses with the therapeutic aroma of Incense sticks.

I grew up with incense. My mother would burn it every day as a morning ritual, I can still feel the healing aroma which used to fill my nostrils and awakens my spiritual side that tempted me to do it myself till date. Burning incense is a peaceful ritual that helps in connecting me spiritually, and enhances my meditation practice at home perfectly.

So do you know perfect incense for yourself? You can pick your favorite considering what purpose and use you have for incense. Always go for non-toxic, all natural Incense, and an aroma that resonates with you perfectly and you’re ready to explore one of these 7 blissful fragrances that will blow your mind.


Nothing smells like “temple” like a bouquet of Amber Incense. As the components of Amber scents have been used in holy rites for ages, it is believed to be an exceptional fragrance for past-life recall and beginning rituals. The blend of resins, musk, and flowers, Amber is multi-purpose incense. One can use it for gaining wisdom and truth, and for rituals of love and desire. Amber fragrance is also attracts the two elements of earth Air and Fire that spreads positivity all over.


Burn Cinnamon incense in your home, it a powerful scent that is known to protected from all the negative entities. Cinnamon has natural properties for cleansing the air it work as an air freshener. Cinnamon Incense can also be used either to inflame passion, or to counter the effects of love spells.


The Cedar, Pine, Forest, woods—whatever you want to call it, this is how exactly the woody Incense box that smells like. This amalgamation of fragrances is used for wisdom, cleansing, and protection. This fragrance in Incense stick is used as air aroma for homes. Evergreen scent is rare to find.


The queen of Incense Jasmine is most used for meditation and spiritual prospects, as well as to cast love spells. Jasmine flower blooms at night and is believed to encourage prophetic dreams. It is also called lunar incense; Jasmine Incense is especially apt for New Moon and Full Moon rituals. Called as “Night Queen” Jasmine infused with musk or exotic spices— a perfect for magic that is both sensual and spiritual.


Lavender has a very distinctive and refreshing aroma when burnt. Inhaling the fragrance can reduce feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression. An Airy fragrance, Lavender is go-to incense for refreshing the body, mind, and home vibes. It is used in healing process and in meditation. The exact essence of the Lavender incense can vary from its aroma, from gentle and soothing to bright and stimulating.


A classic lover’s incense, Rose fragrance is ruled by Venus, and is source to attract and keep true love alive. Both romantic love and self-love are enhancing by the scent of Rose. Rose is not just has prettiest flower, it has an acute energy and that has the power to open the heart and stimulate psychic gifts.

Sandal Wood

Sandalwood is a blissful scent that has the power to heal. Its mystical uses include purification, peace, and removing negativity. It is also used almost in every Hindu ritual. Sandalwood Incense is the most holy of all that is considered the most sacred in almost every religion.


With a heavy woodsy, earthy and sweet scent, khas khas is a perennial grass, native to tropical Asia.
Khas Khas Incense is also known as ‘Vetiver’. This base fragrance helps to tame tension and reduces the level of anxiety stress and depression. It’s aroma leave behind a balancing effect upon people and helps stabilizing energy.

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