Additional Items Required For the Completion of Janmastami Puja


Speaking of the essential accessories that are required during the Janmastami Puja, my previous blog had mentioned 5 ingredients that are required to get the rituals done successfully. However, there are a few other accessories as well that form an important part of the pujas. With portals letting you purchase the best of superior kits online, carrying out rituals in a systematic way has become all the easier for devotees all across. Below enlisted are some of the other ingredients that form a part of the list.

Anulepan – Anulepan is the flower, vermillion, sugar, grass and other items that are used during the rituals of the puja. A puja cannot commence of cannot be completed without the use of these items on the body of the figurines.

Achmaniya – Shudhikaran or the purification process forms an integral part of the ritualistic process. The pure water that is use for the purpose of getting the shudhikaran done is known as achmaniya. The achmaniya is then sprinkled on the devotees after the puja is completed.

Bhog – The term bhog is definitely something that is known to all. Bhog refers to the delicacies prepared and offered to the divine deities at all kinds of pujas. The bhog prepared for Janmastami is a voluptuous one and comprises of a number of simple yet exotic dishes that are prepared. The bhog is initially offered to the Lord during the pujas and is then distributed among the devotees and the common masses.

Incense sticks – Can you ever think of performing a puja without igniting incense sticks? Definitely not. The prime purpose of incense sticks is to act as a means of purification and establishment of positivity. They are known to drive away any form of evil spirits that might be present in the house and its surroundings.

Diyas – The diyas that are generally used for the purpose of the puja is made out of different materials liker clay, metal or even silver and gold. There are people who often look at the decorative quotient of the diyas as well to add on to the visual effect of the same.

Janmastami is considered to be one of the most celebrated pujas across the country. You can always buy online puja poshak and several other items to decorate the figurine of Shri Krishna back at home. The sight is indeed a wonderful one to see when the rituals of the puja actually commence.

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