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Purchase Incense Stick & Premium Dhoop from the leading spiritual brand Puja Shoppe. Its blissful aroma will soothe and calm your mind from all negativities. 

Incense Sticks or Agarbattis in India form a large part of the Indian economy and many religious rituals. We get to know about the oldest source of incense and dhoop from the Rig Veda and Atharva Veda. Burning these aromatic sticks gave way to a pleasant sensation and commonly used as a medicinal tool at that time. Its significance in medicine came into use through Ayurveda where it contributed towards healing people. Even to this day, incense and dhoop play a huge role in religious offering. 

1. What Are The Premium Uses Of Incense Sticks?

  • Just as we shop for premium puja kits and divine gift items, superior quality dhoop and incense sticks are also on the purchase list. Why? Because no spiritual ritual or offering is complete without lighting incense sticks. Most devotees believe that lighting this, it creates a divine atmosphere that connects them with the Almighty on a spiritual level. 
  • A good quality incense stick not only infuses a holistic feeling but also masks any kind of bad odor in the vicinity. This is very crucial and has the possibility to ruin everyone’s mood amidst an important ceremony. Therefore a pure, refreshing aroma can keep everyone away from strong or bad smells. 
  • If anyone is suffering from headache or pain, mild aromatic incense sticks can be a pain reliever.  Its effect can help in reducing the ache and slowly calm down the nerves, giving instant comfort and solace. 
  • During meditation or yoga, some people light dhoop as it helps to release anxiety, tension, and depression. As these dhoops burn for a longer duration, the person gets to experience a soothing effect that helps to clear the mind and pacifies the heart. 

2. Why Should You Purchase Incense Sticks And Dhoops From Pujashoppe?

PujaShoppe is a premium brand that caters to devotees from all across the country to provide puja kits at affordable prices, to connect them with online purohit service. Their main aim is to take spiritual rituals and worshipping to the next level. With their superior quality incense sticks, you can expect the following:

  • The most common incense sticks and dhoops that are available in the market have harmful chemicals that can lead to breathing problems. Pollution levels in India are already high and along with health, we should pay attention to keeping our environment safe.  But agarbattis from the brand are devoid of toxic chemicals. These have natural ingredients that will never affect your health or the surroundings. The incense sticks also are a good disinfectant that keeps away all the germs, mosquitoes, and other microorganisms.
  • The fragrance is such that it will relieve you of your worries. And will instill peace, calmness and make you more focused on your work. You can use it in your puja room to offer your reverence to the Lord. 

PujaShoppe offers a brand new range of dhoops and incense sticks that will help you connect with the Almighty on a deeper level.

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