Celebrate Auspicious Navratri In 2021 Amidst Corona Crisis


Make your Navratri divine by shopping for premium puja kits from the best store. Also, know how you can celebrate Navratri in times of Covid-19.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been a major roadblock in terms of conducting business and crying on with daily life. In the previous year, we have all been confined to our homes for many months. Due to this widespread social distancing and strictness on social gatherings, it has become increasingly difficult for everyone to celebrate all the religious occasions properly. However, with the auspicious Navratri festival approaching, implement some safe practices to not miss the fun and also pray to Durga Maa with premium puja samagri. 

1. Navratri Celebrations In Times Of Corona:

Navratri is a widely celebrated festival in India, dedicated to the power of Goddess Durga. According to beliefs and age spiritual texts, there are a total of nine avatars of Goddess Durga each of who has her own superpower and specialty. Every year devotees start preparing for the 9 day festival with much enthusiasm. Major states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, are the hubs where the citizens indulge in extensive pooja samagri online shopping. Everyone takes part in worshipping the Goddess with full devotion, participating in dancing, singing, and delicious dishes. Thus, they leave no stones unturned to make these 9 glorious days memorable. 

Performing puja has both religious and spiritual significance which accounts as a sacred activity that everyone should follow. However, in the light of the Covid-19 situation, it is safe to stay indoors and enjoy Navratri celebrations with your loved ones.  Here are some ideas to enjoy at home:

  • Decorate your puja room nicely with flowers, and God photo frames.
  • You can create beautiful rangoli at the entrance of your homes. 
  • Cook delicious recipes and invite your friends and relatives who live nearby at home.

2. Why Is Online Pandit Booking For Navratri Puja Advisable?

  • With the Corona crisis, it is inconvenient to step out and search or gather information about reliable and knowledgeable panditji. Thus, it is safe to book pandit online for Navratri Puja from renowned online portals. 
  • Also in general, these days it is impossible to find a well-known panditji at the last minute or there are some who cancel the booking without prior intimation. This can turn out to be a grave problem. With online bookings, this will never happen. The team takes responsibility to complete the entire process correctly. 

PujaShoppe is the leading puja items store in India. They guarantee knowledgeable and also, experienced Pandit booking anywhere in the country.  Other than booking purohit, you can also shop divine gift items, puja kits, and God photo frames online. Thus all your religious pursuits can be taken care of and you no longer have to worry about how to get things done on time. 

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