Does Vastu and Fengshui Actually Work?

Vastu and feng shui both developed in Asia as away of arranging elements of a space in a set of rules for a harmonious and peaceful place. But does it actually work?

Asia from its history has a culture of bringing a harmony in the living spaces. In India it has been called Vastu and in China it is known as Feng shui. It is a traditional way of how people should live in their houses and how they should work in their workplaces. It has been practised by generations of Asian people and is still very prevalent now. In the recent years, with the coming of globalisation, the west has also caught up to the trend and now they are following it as well. They can now buy vastu products online and they can also buy Feng shui items online. Thus the prevalence is spreading rapidly all across the world.

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But the million dollar question is does it work? Both Vastu and Feng shui claim to centre the energy of a place and make the environment more harmonious. But if you ask a rational scientist about it, they will say that this is a bunch of horse crap.

Points in Support of Feng Shui and Vastu:

1.  Experts in this field say that a house that has proper vastu done on it consumes less resources than normal. The careful placing of items in specific corners of the house and in specific directions can increase the positive flow of energy in the house.

2.  Vastu or feng shui, even if you do not believe in everything , the correct placement of things in different corners of the house will create a clutter free environment.

3.  Essentially, it is a belief system and people who believe in it feel more peaceful mentally in a house which is properly done in Vastu or feng shui.

Points Against Vastu and Feng Shui:

1.  Vastu means arranging and feng shui literally translates to air water. Arranging a space in a specific set of rules might seem like a stupid idea to many as the artstic sensibilities of a person might not be matching to how things should be kept in a place according to vastu.

2.  Both vastu and feng shui are ancient ways and the time when it was developed the world was a much simpler place. There were no air conditioners, no fridges, no washing machines , no microwave ovens and the electromagnetic radiation caused by these appliances will alter the set electromagnetic harmony created by the same.

3.  Essentially, vastu or feng shui are now existent on a belief system and for any rationally scientific person, a theory without any practical measurable data is null and void.

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