FAQs About Different Puja Samagris

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You may perform a puja daily at home with different puja samagris but do you know why are these used, how should these be used and everything else about these?

Every Hindu performs puja every day. Almost every day they buy different puja items online to worship the deities. There are many things you should know before performing a puja at your home. Here are a few questions and answers about the different puja samagris that you use to worship the Lord.

1. In A Puja, Why Is It Always Preferred to Use Utensils of Brass?

Brass can absorb sattvikta. In the olden days, the deities were all worshipped using brass utensils. Every particle of this metal has a high capacity for absorbing sattvikta. Cleaning the brass items with lime and tamarind once before the puja, can remove the evil or black energy that envelops these. These brass utensils can also be bought as puja gift items for your dear ones.

2. Why Raw Rice or Akshat Is Considered As An Important Samagri In A Puja Thali?

Akshat, one of the most essential puja samagris, is always placed in the middle of a puja thali. Since this samagri is kept in the center of the thali, it is believed that it can attract the energies and positive waves of all the five powerful deities, Lord Shiva, Maa Durga, Ganesha, Shri Ram, and Shri Krishna. The waves then emitted to the surrounding elements in the thali that includes haldi, kumkum, etc.

3. What are the Advantages of Arranging the Puja Items According to the Level of the Panchtattvas?

The panchtattvas are properly controlled and balanced, which helps the individuals to maximize the benefits of the nirjun and shagun waves that are emitted from the deities. The way the puja is performed helps these active and powerful waves to take the form of shagun and nirjun. Based on the constituents of the Panchatattvas, these spiritual waves are attracted towards the implements in the ritual to charge them. It is due to the charged implements that the atmosphere that is surrounding the puja area also gets purified. The individuals who all are present in this area also get purified and become sattvik. When a sattvik body comes in contact with the sattvik implements, the maximum benefits are derived from the powerful religious waves emitted by the Gods and Goddesses.

4. Why Is A Betel Nut and A Metal Coin Placed On Top of the Kalash Along With A Coconut?

A betel nut emits waves of the Raja component. Placing a betel nut in water can convert the sattvik water to the Sattva–Raja-predominant. This component augments the ability to emit the shagun waves from the deity. And when a coconut is placed on top of the kalash, the principle of the deity is attracted towards the coconut, which later on gets transferred into the water in that kalash. All these three samagris, betel nuts, coins, and the kalash, are available in the online puja store separately as well as packed in the premium puja kits.

All these questions and answers are going to help you out when buying the puja products online and when arranging them for the ritual.

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